LIVE Supercoppa A2- We go to extra time between Turin and Treviglio

LIVE Supercoppa A2- We go to extra time between Turin and Treviglio
LIVE Supercoppa A2- We go to extra time between Turin and Treviglio

De Vico’s winning triple broke the ice in the first half, but in general Reale Mutua’s 7-0 run set the alarm bells ringing for Finelli’s men who were surprised by the home team’s rocket start. Miaschi takes care of it with 9 consecutive points to restore the balance, sign the partial counter of 0-9 and overtake the guest.

At 5′ Treviglio ahead 9-11 with the ex’s mid-range shot Heal. With Miaschi already in double figures Finelli is happy and he has reason for it. Ciani must find countermeasures as soon as possible because the Genoese guard born in 2000 is making pots and lids. The first siren arrives soon and records the advantage of the Mascio Group 19-27.

At the beginning of the 2nd quarter Ghirlanda shoots from outside and demonstrates excellent aim – Torino tries to mend the defense and make things more difficult for the white and blue wingers who in the first 10 minutes scored 6/11 from the perimeter. Ciani turns his players around to use his strength on the pitch as best he can: the young Fea also gets minutes on the pitch. Giuri and Guariglia’s free throws mean maximum advantage for the boys Finelli at 24-36 at 4′.

He wakes up Kennedy, points, bomb and the Treviglio bench is forced to call a time-out. All in one amen. Guariglia also enters double figures and Cusin who struggles in the paint to contain him. The first half was excellent Vencato who, with Schina absent, has to take on almost all the minutes available. Miaschi returns to score from outside and at half-time the visitors are still ahead 45-50, but watch out for Turin which is back down. Cusin did well in attack in the final.

The team sets off with a determined attitude Ciani who opens the third half with Vencato’s basket. Torino revs up the engine in defense and seems to find energy by digging into the barrel and Finelli shouts asking for more attention from him. Pacher and Vitali score twice from outside and Treviglio comes back ahead with double figures which hurts the home team (49-60 at 5′). A devastating partial. Captain De Vico also enters double figures and sounds the charge. He is the soul of Ciani’s team and not from today.

Another double figure for Reale Mutua who finds lifeblood with an excellent Kennedy today more than ever in the match. Absolute parity at 2:47 from the siren at 61-61. Turin is back in the game. Finelli relies on Giuri’s experience and is rewarded with hard cash. The teams seem not to be affected by the tiredness accumulated by the great intensity put on the parquet and before the last lacing of the shoes Treviglio is still ahead 68-69.

Pacher literally crushes the first points of the last quarter – Vencato is commendable for his commitment and today he also scores in attack like never before. It’s a point-to-point game and both teams are looking for the last drop of energy. At half time Gruppo Mascio leads 74-79 thanks to Vitali’s triple. Treviglio returns to claim victims from the perimeter and looks for a new attack. Vencato comes out to catch his breath amidst the applause of the Pala Gianni Asti.

Ciani asks Pepper to be decisive as already seen in many finals of last season. Point after point, Treviglio fails to extend the lead Finelli he also gets a coach for invading the pitch. At 2:32 from the final siren, De Vico’s free throw (1/1) sets the score at 84-89.

In the final Pepe wastes the triple of the possible connection by forcing the conclusion too much, while Vitali is surgical from inside the area. At +5 (86-91) the Mascio Group seems to be making the decisive move that would allow them to beat the Pala Gianni Asti and prepare the journey to Montecatini for the Final Four on Saturday and Sunday. But the heart of De Vico who scores a triple and Pepe’s free throws (3/3) postpone everything to extra time. 94-94 and great emotions still to be experienced for at least 5 minutes.


REALE MUTUA TURIN: Kennedy, Vencato, Ghirlanda, Fea, Poser, Osatwna, Ruà, De Vico, Cusin, Pepe

MASCIO TREVIGLIO GROUP: Maschi, Pollone, Guerci, Vitali, Giuri, Barbante, Cerella, Pacher, Sacchetti, Guariglia

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