National Alpine Gathering 2024 – Zaia, Veneto Region

National Alpine Gathering 2024 – Zaia, Veneto Region
National Alpine Gathering 2024 – Zaia, Veneto Region

“600 thousand euros and an institutional committee for “Vicenza, the Italian capital of mountaineering” – Zaia, Veneto Region: National Alpine Gathering 2024

“The activities come to life

for the National Alpine Gathering 2024. The regional council today confirmed a contribution of 600 thousand euros to support the organization of the event, also promoting the establishment of an institutional committee. For three days, from 10 to 12 May, the Berico capital and ideally the whole of Veneto will become… the Italian capital of mountaineering.

Vicenza will be ready to host the Penne Nere in the territory. Veneto is proud to be able to pay homage to the importance and values ​​represented by the Alpini, for social commitment, history and value. And also for the contribution to the Civil Protection system, which again this year was really important in dealing with bad weather.”

The President says so

of the Veneto Regional Council, Luca Zaia, with reference to the provision discussed this morning by the council which, together with the allocation of resources to support the event, decided to establish an institutional committee with organizational coordination and strategic and proactive consultancy tasks.

The event, which is estimated to bring around half a million black feathers to Vicenza, returns to Vicenza 33 years after the last edition.

“I thank the National Alpine Association from now on

and all the representatives of the institutions and associations who are supporting us in this important project. The esprit de corps, the ability to work together, the organization and generosity of the Alpine troops are an example for all those who are making their contribution to the Vicenza 2024 meeting: an event strongly desired by the entire Veneto”.

Press release no. 1592-2023 (PRESIDENT)

(AVN) – Venice, 12 May 2023

Zaia, Veneto Region: National Alpine Gathering 2024 in Vicenza

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