the contract for 279 new employees is signed

the contract for 279 new employees is signed
the contract for 279 new employees is signed

They are overall 279 personnel units for the strengthening of the Employment Centers of the Calabria Region, winners of the public competition, based on qualifications and exams, who signed the employment contract at the regional Citadel of Catanzaro. The councilors welcomed the new employees of the Calabria Region Giovanni Calabrese (work and professional training) e Filippo Pietropaolo (organization and human resources). The contract provides for permanent and full-time coverage of staff with a highly qualified official profile.

Also present at the signing was the general manager of the personnel department, Marina Petrolowith industry executives, Roberta Cardamone and Sergio Tassoneand the general manager of the labor department, Roberto Cosentino. “An important milestone that marks a historic moment on active labor policies that is leading Governor Occhiuto’s Calabria Region to draw a concrete line on employment and the reorganization of public bodies. An important day for you and for us – highlighted Councilor Calabrese.

“For you it marks the beginning of a professional career in Calabria, for us one of the objectives that as a Region we are pursuing with President Occhiuto in terms of employment and efficiency in public administration. Work is at the center of the national and regional political agenda and the Employment Centres, which are a point of reference for the many unemployed and unemployed people, must be able to provide answers and offer functional services to the needs of the community, especially in such a difficult moment for the country’s economy”.

“You have a huge responsibility – Calabrese remarked –you are fundamental resources at the service of the directors of the fifteen Employment Centers and the four peripheral offices and, through continuous training, we are sure that we will be able, together, to reverse the trend by offering competence and professionalism useful for strengthening each Center for the Calabrian employment”. Councilor Pietropaolo then spoke on the progress of competitions in the public administration, expressing his applause “for the work done so far”.

“Today – he continued – I am particularly happy that the complex process of the staff recruitment plan for the strengthening of the Employment Centers has been concluded. We have, however, already launched other competitions to continue to strengthen regional staff with hirings in different professional profiles. These are procedures which, despite the high number of participants, were all successful and were all characterized by having been conducted in a linear and transparent manner thanks to the winning choice, desired by President Occhiuto and shared by me, to entrust us for carrying out the tests externally, or even directly to the Ministry of Public Administration, at Ripam”.

“The public administration is being renewed throughout Italy and there is enthusiasm for the new additions also due to the unblocking of complex procedures which, until now, had caused a stalemate on staff hiring. This competition, like others, is proof that Calabria is in line with an organizational reorganization process and tends to fulfill all workplace processes. We focus a lot on your professionalism and we expect a lot”Pietropaolo concluded, addressing new hires.

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