Pescara, the Seafarers Museum arrives – News from Abruzzo

Pescara, the Seafarers Museum arrives – News from Abruzzo
Pescara, the Seafarers Museum arrives – News from Abruzzo

The Museum of the cultural heritage of fishing and seafarers is about to become reality in Pescara. The exhibition will initially be hosted in the current Museum of the People of Abruzzo in via delle Caserme, and then in the future it will be set up inside the Museum of the Sea, currently under renovation.

The protagonists of the initiative, which will serve to provide the Adriatic city with a place dedicated to the history and traditions of the Pescara navy, are Assonautica Pescara Chieti, Municipality of Pescara, Abruzzo Region, Flag Costa di Pescara, Fondazione Genti d’Abruzzo and Chamber of Commerce Chieti Pescara who, each within their own sphere of competence, have joined forces to enhance and promote a sector, that of fishing, with its rich cultural heritage, closely linked to the history of Pescara. In particular, the Pescara Flag has allocated to the project contribution received from the Abruzzo Region with Feamp resourcesentrusting the creation of the museum to the Fondazione Museo delle Genti D’Abruzzo, in addition obviously to the research of the contents and the museographic layout on which Ermanno De Pompeis, Giovanni Tavano, Giacomo Fanesi, Alessandra Moscianese and Francesco Di Filippo worked in particular.

After the signing of the memorandum of understanding, which took place in 2021, the institutions set to work to collect and select the material necessary for the setup and, in recent days, a new meeting served to outline a point of the situation, in view of the inauguration set for 18 November 2023. Sitting around the table in the city hall were: for the Municipality, the mayor Carlo Masci the culture councilor Maria Rita Carrot; for Assonautica Pescara Chieti, the president Francesco Di Filippo and the professor Giacomo Fanesi; for the Flag, the president Claudius Lactantius and the director Andrea Mammarella; for the Region, the official of the Local Development and Fishing Economy service, Daniela Di Silvestro; for the Genti d’Abruzzo Foundation, the president Emilio Della Cagna, Ermanno De Pompeis And Alessandra Moscianese; the anthropologist and museologist Giovanni Tavano.

The new Museum will join the project of the “Diffuse Museum of the Port” already created by the Flag Costa of Pescara through the installation of eleven information totems on seafaring located in the symbolic places of fishing in the city.

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