Maltreatment and stalking, an arrest in Calabria

Maltreatment and stalking, an arrest in Calabria
Maltreatment and stalking, an arrest in Calabria

Yesterday afternoon, State Police personnel arrested a 45-year-old man resident in Cosenza, as he was responsible for the crime of mistreatment and stalking against his former partner.

In the first days of August, a woman, now exasperated and terrified of her ex, showed up at the Flying Squad offices of the Cosenza Police Headquarters, determined to tell the police about the drama she had been experiencing and suffering for some time.

In particular, the victim who presented himself at these offices told the police officers that he had had a romantic relationship with the suspect, defined as troubled, which began three years earlier. The facts relating to the mistreatment date back to October 2022 and continued until the relationship broke down in August 2023, when the woman left her home in Cosenza where she lived with her partner; serious facts characterized by physical and verbal violence, also caused by the man’s abuse of alcohol, also perpetrated in front of the woman’s children.

The woman was forced to suffer threats, including death, and deprivations of all sorts, such as the theft of jewellery, the destruction of her mobile phone and even the disappearance of one of her pets, a cat, which among other things had been portrayed by the man in a photo, lifeless, sent to the woman’s smartphone to threaten her.

The harassing conduct, however, did not stop at the end of the relationship but since then and until today, the po has been forced to suffer continuous verbal attacks and receive unwanted visits from the man. Furthermore, the persecutory conduct also targeted friends of the victim, who were also threatened, even with death, during numerous telephone calls received by the suspect. Persistent conduct which caused the victim to experience a serious state of anxiety and fear, as well as a well-founded fear for her own safety, so much so that she was forced to change her lifestyle habits and move in with her mother in the province of Cosenza.

The investigative activity, launched following the woman’s complaint, coordinated by the Cosenza Public Prosecutor’s Office directed by the Chief Prosecutor Dr Mario Spagnuolo, made it possible to ascertain the contested crimes and to bring the man to justice who was tracked down by the policemen from the Flying Squad and subjected to the measure of house arrest.

All this is communicated in compliance with the rights of the suspect (to be considered presumed innocent in consideration of the current phase of the proceedings until a definitive finding of guilt with an irrevocable sentence) in order to guarantee the right to freedom of the press.

Cosenza Police Headquarters

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