Pescara: everything is ready for the third edition of the Abruzzo Economy Summit

There is a path of listening, reflection and vision within the program of the Abruzzo Economy Summit, which between Thursday and Friday will bring prominent representatives from the world of economics, politics, entrepreneurship and of civil society

The third edition will also serve to contaminate themes and target audiences, with the aim of making a concrete contribution to what could be the new public policies and development lines of the country, and not just Abruzzo.

There is a need for a new business model to compete in a world system that changes rapidly and offers no certainties. And for this reason, it is necessary to look to the future by investigating today’s great challenges, a sign of continuity also compared to the two previous editions: Abruzzo Economy Summit confirms its line and addresses, as a priority, the audience of entrepreneurs, through a presence of both the financial economy and the real economy, with presences of the highest level and international depth.

Among the great challenges of today, which certainly impact tomorrow, there is that of material infrastructures and, not only for Abruzzo, the priority of priorities is represented by the need to rebalance the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian belt. The topic will be addressed on Friday morning, during a round table in which they will participate Mauro Fabris, vice president of Strada dei Parchi, Pasqualino Monti, CEO of Enav, Diego Cattoni, president of Aiscat, Gabriele Fava, president of Autostrade Alto Adriatico, e Aldo Isi, CEO of Anas, a company of the Infrastructure Hub of the FS Italiane Group.

“Anas manages 1,448 km of roads and motorway connections in Abruzzo – underlines the CEO, Aldo Isi -. New works worth 244.5 million euros and scheduled maintenance worth 163.28 million euros are currently underway in the region, with further works worth 41.5 million euros soon to start. We are determined to improve the quality of our service for the benefit of users. We will continue this path certain that the relaunch of the country passes through infrastructures, whose geographical heart is Abruzzo: a central area connecting North and South and between the Adriatic Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea”.

“The Toto group has solid roots in the Abruzzo region, we consider ourselves an active part of the regional economic system and for this reason our contribution to the event aims to demonstrate the desire to enhance the excellence of the territory – explains Mauro Fabris, vice president of Strada dei Parchi, -. The hope is that from the comparison with the different business realities and institutions, we can identify solutions capable of giving new impetus to Abruzzo, starting from the improvement of the fundamental transport infrastructures with a focus on innovation and local economies ”.

Abruzzo Economy Summit is organized with the patronage of Ministry of Business and Made in Italy, Confindustria Chieti Pescara, Municipality of Pescara, Order of Chartered Accountants of Pescara and Confimi Industria Abruzzo.

All the information to participate in the Abruzzo Economy Summit is available online on the website

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