PNRR, EU green light for changes to the Italy plan

PNRR, EU green light for changes to the Italy plan

(Teleborsa) – Il EU Council adopted today a Brussels the implementing decision approving the modified plan for Italy’s recovery and resilience. The Italian modified plan concerns 10 sizes, including energy efficiency incentives under the so-called “Superbonus”, the increase in childcare facilities, the development of the space industry and the film industry and sustainable transport, among other things. Italy had formally requested to amend its PNRR on 11 July 2023, as the plan was partially no longer feasible due to objective circumstances.

There decision of the EU Council is based on assessment from the European Commission according to which the changes proposed by Italy are justified and do not affect the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and coherence of its PNRR. The estimated total cost of the modified Pnrr remains unchanged at €191.5 billion, of which €68.8 billion in grants and €122.6 billion in loans.

“This morning, together with my counterparts from European Affairs gathered in Brussels for the General Affairs Council, we adopted the Decision which definitively accepts the requests for modification, presented by the Italian government, of some objectives relating to the fourth payment request of the PNRR – he commented with a note from the Minister for European Affairs, the South, cohesion policies and the PNRR, Raphael Thick –. This is a very important result that rewards the work done in recent months and which we welcome with great satisfaction.”

“This positive result – added Minister Fitto – is the result of an intense and fruitful effort collaboration between the government and the European Commission, and will allow Italy to present the relevant payment request and start the procedure for the disbursement of the 16.5 billion euros foreseen for the fourth installment of the PNRR”.

46% of interventions from the PNRR are in the South

Today in Parliament is also day of hearings on the implementation of the PNRR. Svimez underlined that out of 15.9 billion euros of PNRR interventions defunded based on the revision of the Plan drawn up by the government, approximately 46% concerns projects of the Noon and “not all were reported as critical in implementation.” In particular, Svimez estimates that those involving interventions located in the southern regions amount to 7.6 billion, or almost 48%: the resources freed by the defunding of the measures “Internal areas – Strengthening community services and infrastructures” and “Enhancement of assets confiscated from the mafias” are allocated to the financing of business incentives provided for under the new “Zes unique in the South“. This means that the Southern share of the interventions defunded drops to around 46%. Svimez therefore underlined the need to “immediately identify alternative sources of financing for the measures removed from the Plan”.

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