“Tickets cannot be found but fines are imposed. And the ticket inspectors supplement their salaries with up to 200 euros a day” |

Naples, 19 September – “The inconvenience and ‘bloodletting’ that commuters who use the EAV Cumana line, which connects the center of Naples to the Phlegraean area, are forced to suffer on a daily basis are increasingly unsustainable. Net of the almost impossibility of obtaining the ticket, and certainly not through their fault but due to several ticket offices being closed (one above all, that of Torregaveta) and many malfunctioning machines, travelers also have to deal with another ‘collateral damage’ of this improvident management: the fines in conciliation. What is even more absurd, however, is that the total fine – which amounts to six euros – would end up half in the EAV coffers and the remaining 50% in the pocket of the inspector who raised the fine.

Considering the average sanctioning activity on board, in some cases the employees would ’round up’ their salary with a sum of up to 200 euros per day! We are at the paradox, which gives rise to a spontaneous question: but is it convenient for Eav and some of its ‘zealous’ controllers that the ticket offices are open and the machines work regularly? In any case, and we have already taken steps to shed full light on the matter, we find ourselves faced with yet another point of no return, the result of the total management failure on the part of the current top management of the regional public transport company”. He reports it Severino Nappileader of the League in the Campania Regional Council.

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