she is in serious condition

she is in serious condition
she is in serious condition

He would have it first stabbed, then jumped from the fourth floor. TO Castellanzain the province of Varese, a murder-suicide was about to take place which ended with the man’s death. When the investigators arrived in via Solferino they found the woman lying on one pool of blood and with visible wounds to the chest. He is now in very serious condition.

He stabs his wife and jumps from the fourth floor

An 83-year-old man allegedly stabbed his wife and then jumped from the fourth floor of an apartment in Via Solferino, in Castellanza, in the province of Varese. The husband is died instantly.

The woman was hit in the chest – or to the abdomen, according to ‘Varese News’ – from multiple blows. The episode occurred at 2.30am on the morning of Tuesday 19 September. ‘Malpensa24’ reports it.

An 83-year-old man allegedly stabbed his 77-year-old wife in Castellanza, Varese. The woman is in very serious condition, her husband died after jumping from the fourth floor

The alarm was raised by the woman herself, near death, who had the clarity and strength to alert the police.

When the Carabinieri of Castellanza and the men of the Busto Arsizio mobile radio unit arrived at the apartment they found the entrance door closed, but not locked, and the woman lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

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The 77-year-old also had the knife in hand.

The woman is in serious condition

The 77-year-old was transported to Legnano hospital in code red and at the moment he is hospitalized in serious conditions in the intensive care unit.

The woman also underwent surgery.

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The investigations

As reported by ‘Il Giorno’, no episodes of crime have ever been found in the past of the two spouses violence nor did the intervention of the police prove necessary.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Busto Arsizio has started aninvestigation together with the Bustocchi carabinieri led by the lieutenant colonel Andrea Poletto.

‘Corriere della sera’ writes that the reason that would have pushed Renato Oggioni to stab his wife Carla Marmonti and then took his own life by throwing himself into the void is not yet known.

A similar case took place in Bologna on September 10, when a 63-year-old attempted to kill her 86-year-old mother with a drug cocktail and then threw himself out the window. The 86-year-old managed to survive, while the 63-year-old died instantly.

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