Italy weather: new wave of storms, African heat will retreat


The disturbed front, which arrived in the North on Monday, is giving way to a short pause with more stable weather. In the meantime, the heat persists in the Centre-South, but with temperatures tending to drop slightly. During Wednesday a new disturbance will first reach the North-West and then the rest of the North, with more widespread and intense phenomena close to the reliefs.

More intense disturbance towards Italy from Friday

A low pressure vortex arrives this weekend

A new disturbed impulse will come into action on Thursday, linked to the passage of a modest depression area. Showers and thunderstorms will also reach the central regions and marginally the South, view the retreat of the African anticyclone. In the Centre-North, temperatures will drop drastically in the areas affected by rainfall, while in the South the heat will persist.

Another more intense one is expected on Friday in the North and could then open the doors to the real Autumn, with the deepening of a low pressure vortex over Italian seas over the weekend. If this evolution is confirmed, rather lively instability awaits us between Saturday and Sunday in the Center-South with heavy showers and falling temperatures.

In Northern Italy the weather will tend to improve, given the movement of the vortex towards the southern seas, and above all Sunday will be a sunny day with temperatures gradually rising to maximum values. A new high pressure field will establish itself over Central Europe, but Southern Italy will remain grappling with instability also in the first days of next week.


Wednesday 20 September: a disturbance will advance from the Atlantic with rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon-evening starting from the North-West and Tuscany, extending to the rest of the North, Umbria and the Marche. Dry weather in the South.

Thursday 21 September: conditions of marked variability, with scattered rain showers and showers in the Centre-North, more sporadic in Southern Italy. Temperatures dropping.

Friday 22 September: bad weather worsening in the North, due to a new intense disturbance.

Further weather trends: over the weekend the instability will tend to concentrate in the Centre-South with temperatures falling sharply due to northern currents.

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