Deadly on state road 17, today the last hug to Giuseppe

Deadly on state road 17, today the last hug to Giuseppe
Deadly on state road 17, today the last hug to Giuseppe

No autopsy on the body of the unfortunate Giuseppe Fragolini, the 26-year-old victim of a terrible road accident that occurred on Sunday, around lunchtime, on Highway 17, at the junction for Indiprete.
Yesterday morning, at the Venice hospital, the cadaveric inspection was carried out and the body was returned to the family: the body was transferred to the morgue of the Campobasso cemetery, where hundreds of people went yesterday to greet Giuseppe and hug to his family. This afternoon at 4pm, in the church of San Giovanni Battista, the last sad farewell to the young man who was well known in the city where he ran a tire business together with his father. A hard worker with a passion for two wheels. On Sunday morning the boy was riding his motorbike together with his group of centaurs and was returning to Campobasso: while he was traveling along State Road 17, for reasons that are still being examined by the investigators, he collided head-on with a Jeep Renegade which was traveling in the direction opposite.
The impact with the SUV was terrible: Giuseppe was literally thrown from the saddle of his motorbike, fell disastrously and lost his life.
The traveling companions, sensing the gravity of the situation, alerted the emergency services. 118 personnel and a patrol from the Isernia Traffic Police were on site. The driver of the Jeep, born in 1957 and resident in Rome, who was traveling with his wife, was also injured. The man was treated on site and will be investigated, as required by law, for vehicular homicide. The results of alcohol and drug tests carried out immediately after the tragic event on the driver were negative.
The investigations are entrusted to the Isernia Traffic Police who will have to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident that cost the life of Giuseppe Fragolini, well known in Campobasso where he ran a commercial business in the tire sector together with his father, in the Selvapiana area. The farewell that the 26-year-old’s partner entrusted to social media is poignant and tender: the story of falling in love, the feeling that grows and unites them, the dreams of a life together, of a family to be formed full of the love that bound her to his Giuseppe with whom he would have liked to travel to Paris. The photo portrays them together, hand in hand: the memory of a carefree, happy moment, which unfortunately can never be repeated. «From the first moment I saw you I understood that you would be my Prince Charming – writes the girl – With your blonde hair and blue eyes you made me fall madly in love with you.
You taught me to love, to live life. You took me to discover the world.
We grew up together, we shared joys and sorrows but always with great love.
Our projects were many. Moving in together, having a child, a family of our own. Our trip to Paris. But fate separated us too soon and all this will remain just a dream.
Give me the strength to move forward, protect me, guide me in my choices. Because my life without you is lost. I loved you, I love you and I will love you forever my love. Hand in hand, as always, I wish you a good journey, my pilot.”

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