Kata, DNA test starts. The terrible suspicion of the prosecutor’s office

Kata, DNA test starts. The terrible suspicion of the prosecutor’s office
Kata, DNA test starts. The terrible suspicion of the prosecutor’s office

A step considered decisive by the Prosecutor’s Office. To understand, beyond any reasonable doubt, whether little Kata is still alive (and, probably, in South America) or whether she was brutally killed. The biological traces found on the taps and suitcases found inside the former Astor hotel, the structure in which the five-year-old Peruvian girl lived in Florence together with her family, will be analysed. Before being swallowed up, last June 10th, in the darkness. DNA will be extracted from the finds found and compared with those of Kata.

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The Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office has formally conferred the task on the geneticist Ugo Ricci of the Careggi Institute of Forensic Medicine. To carry out the test, investigators served a warning notice days ago to five former occupants of the building: the little girl’s maternal uncle, Abel Alvarez Vasquez, her paternal uncle, two Peruvian women, cousins ​​among them, and a Romanian citizen. For them the alleged crime is kidnapping. The scientist will have to analyze the reddish biological traces found in the bathrooms of three rooms of the former Astor, where Kata and her family lived and then extrapolate their DNA and compare it with that of the little girl.

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Two trolleys and a bag, seized on June 17, when the former hotel occupied for nine months, from the two Peruvian cousins ​​and the Romanian were evacuated, will be subjected to a similar test. A new inspection by former Ris general Luciano Garofano, hired as a consultant by the lawyers of Kata’s parents, is scheduled for September 20th. Passing the DNA test is considered essential. If (as everyone hopes) there are no correspondence, the Prosecutor’s Office will complete the bureaucratic steps for the international letter rogatory, which is essential to interrogate thirteen people in South America. The hypothesis that Kata is alive and was taken to Peru (given by our newspaper, exclusively, over two months ago) is far from over.

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