Crash on the 275, the mechanic whose fate intersected with the Noemi Durini case dies

LUCUGNANO – The 275 Maglie-Leuca state road is claiming victims again. And this morning, in yet another tragic accident, a very well-known figure in the Capo di Leuca area lost his life: Fausto Nicolì, from Patù. The man was 55 years old.

Nicolì was also in the national news for a period, for a completely unfounded accusation: that of having killed Noemi Durini, the 16-year-old girl from Specchia whose body was found in the countryside in 2017. Fierce murder for which the true and sole person was responsible Instead, and practically immediately, he revealed himself to be Lucio Marzo, now 24 years old, from Montesardo, a hamlet of Alessano, the girl’s boyfriend at the time.

The accident

Nicolì, this morning, was riding a motorbike and was traveling along the state road when, suddenly, for reasons still under investigation, there was an impact with a Lancia Ypsilon driven by RM, an 85-year-old man from Miggiano , who did not suffer any particular consequences, although he was obviously very shaken by what happened. For the 55-year-old, however, there was practically nothing that could be done. Once the 118 health workers arrived on site, they attempted to resuscitate him, but in the end they had to give up, confirming his death.

The accident occurred a short distance from the town of Lucugnano (although in a point that falls within the countryside of Specchia), a hamlet of Tricase. The carabinieri from the mobile radio unit of the local company arrived there to regulate the traffic, while the surveys were entrusted to the soldiers of the Specchia station. Anas has temporarily ordered the closure, at kilometer 20.5, in both directions of travel.

The unfounded accusation

Nicolì, a mechanic by trade, was a character who often filled the pages of newspapers due to his particular temperament, which led him to get into trouble with the law in various circumstances. More recently, in 2019, he was also arrested for drug dealing, having transported over a kilo of marijuana.

Certainly, however, he is remembered beyond the borders of Salento because he was accused in a completely unfounded and gratuitous manner by Lucio Marzo of having murdered Noemi, a circumstance for which the mechanic was also, inevitably, entered in the register of suspects, only to later prevail. March, the only true author, was convicted of slander.

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