Fatal accident on A13, driver arrested for murder: «Passenger killed with screwdriver»

It seemed to be a simple one accident. But behind the collision occurred on Sunday morning along the A13 motorway, near the area Naval, in the Bolognese area, a murder could instead be hidden. Or at least that’s what the investigators are investigating.

The accident

The facts. At kilometer 2 of the motorway, around 9am on Sunday 17 September, a rear-end collision occurred: a Renault Captur in which they were traveling two Albanians, aged 34 and 47, she first ended up against the car in front of her and then finished her own race on the side of the road, in the middle of the weeds. An accident like many others occurs due to distractions, driving errors or heavy traffic. Police and rescuers on site: for 47 years old, Illir Dervashi there was nothing that could be done, while his traveling companion escaped without major problems and was extracted without serious injuries. But the real surprise came shortly thereafter. After an initial analysis of the body, those who were working at the crash site realized that there was something strange about the victim’s body: he had been hit by several slashes to the abdomen. The police noticed it immediately and alerted the prosecutor on duty who opened a case.

Hit with a screwdriver

The first findings at the scene of the accident were then followed by confirmations from the medical examiner, according to which the 47-year-old was hit repeatedly with a screwdriver Then found in the cockpit of the car. The driver of the car in which the 47-year-old died was therefore arrested For homocide and now he is in prison at Dozza. Until now he has not made any statement: in the past of both, who resided in Venetothere were only small ones precedentsperhaps linked to the world of drug. But no narcotics were found inside the Renault. The investigations will now have to shed light on dynamics of what happened and above all to ascertain what happened inside that car on Sunday morning. One might have exploded violent quarrel which then led to the murder.

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