“It is mined in Basilicata, Lucanians must have benefits” – Ondanews.it

The President of the Basilicata Region Vito Bardi speaking at the event “The good laws. Simplify to restart Italy“, which takes place in Rome at the Temple of Hadrian, underlined the importance of the regional law which guaranteed free gas to Lucanians.

We gave gas away for free to all Lucanians with a single article law – declared the President -. Minister Casellati is at the forefront of simplification, we have tried to give an answer to the Lucanians after 20 years of nothing. We succeeded.”

Furthermore, the law on free gas for all Lucanians received European attention and the ban for those without methane gas was a great success.

“We have already paid for a million or more for work already carried out and finished – continues Bardi – and it is an extraordinary measure that accompanies the energy transition of families, also taken as an example by the Government and the ministry led by our friend Minister Pichetto Fratin. In Basilicata oil and gas are extracted for all of Italy. For the first time the Lucanians had a benefit, thanks to the first centre-right regional government. The principle was simple: it is extracted in the Lucanian territoryi Lucanian citizens must have tangible benefits. This is the simplification that citizens like.”

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