“The first half of 2023 was good”

“The first half of 2023 was good”
“The first half of 2023 was good”

ABRUZZO. It grows again Abruzzo exports. In the first half of 2023, says a study carried out on behalf of the CNA Abruzzo by Aldo Ronci on Istat and Coeweb data, the increase in exports was 550 million euros compared to the same period of the previous yearwith a percentage value of 12.1% more, triple that recorded at the national average level (4.2%), which applies to our region the conquest of fourth place overall among the Italian regions.

But where does this result come from? «It is the result of a combination that brings together very different factors» explains the author. «But if in previous years the best performances were driven by the means of transport produced in the Val di Sangro area – he adds – now their influence is less marked, given the increase of just 69 million, equal to 5.3%: a value which is one fifth of the Italian 25.9%. On the contrary, the increase in exports generated by companies that produce parts and accessories for vehicles and engines was surprisingly high, recording a growth of 130 million, with a 30.8% which is triple the value of 10.5%. Italian”.

Among the provinces – all four in any case well above the national average value of increase and obviously without prejudice to the unassailable primacy of Chietino in absolute values ​​thanks to the absolute value generated by the automotive sector – the best relative result of the period taken into consideration was prerogative of the Teramo territory, with a contribution distributed across multiple sectors: from pharmaceuticals (+48 million; +142.5%) to textiles-clothing (+34; +27.3%), from food (+26; +32.7%) to automotive accessories (+44; +52.5%). But important variations, as mentioned, were also achieved at L’Aquila 8+123; +18.1%), Pescara (+33; +11.6%) and Chieti (+224; +8.3%).

The weight and the burden that the world of means of transport has always exerted on the performance of regional exports (37% of total regional exports compared to 10.6% in Italy), however, is reflected in another value , as noted by the regional president of CNA Abruzzo, Savino Saraceni: «In a positive context, the Achilles’ heel of the Abruzzo economy continues to be the export volume of items other than means of transportoften made by regional companies.

Its amount, referring to each individual company, in the first half of 2023 is 86,788 euros: just a third of the national one, where in the same period it is worth 243,739 euros. In short, for every single company that does not produce means of transport, the value of exported goods is triple ours. An obvious one sign of weakness which must be corrected by intervening with specific public interventions to support access to international markets, technological innovation and credit support”.

The last reflection of the study is dedicated to food products. The most important ones (pasta, wine, oil) all recorded a performance higher than the Italian average: pasta increased by 12.3%, against the national 7%; wine by 10.5%, even compared to the national decrease (-0.4%), oil by 11.4%, also in this case compared to the national decrease. Double-digit growth also for fruit and vegetables (+11.7%) but less than the Italian average.

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