Giarre (Ct), RadicePura: awards to the talents of contemporary Sicilian architecture – Awards

Giarre (Ct), RadicePura: awards to the talents of contemporary Sicilian architecture – Awards
Giarre (Ct), RadicePura: awards to the talents of contemporary Sicilian architecture – Awards

The countdown begins for the prestigious 2023 edition of the In/Architettura Award. The event is part of the nationally renowned framework which since 1961 in all Italian regions recognizes projects that stand out for their high quality. This is how the best designers, builders and clients are identified among the candidates. The traditional and long-awaited ceremony – which was established by Bruno Zevi, protagonist of Italian architectural history – continues to be celebrated thanks to the synergy between the National Institute of Architecture IN/Arch and the Building Builders Association – ANCE, in collaboration with Archilovers.

In Sicily there are 112 works nominated for the In/Architettura Award, the presentation of the regional awards will take place on Friday 22 September at 5.00 pm in RadicePura (Giarre – CT) during the event organized by In/Arch Sicilia, Ance Sicilia and Ance Catania with the patronage of the Sicilian Region, the Consultation of Architects of Sicily, the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture Sicily section, the Order and Foundation of Architects PPC Catania and RadicePura.

For the occasion, the Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded which certifies the genius of a living Italian designer, whose works constitute an important contribution to the history of contemporary architecture and whose figure represents Italian architectural culture with excellence. This authoritative meritorious in Sicily will go to Fausto Provenzano for his career full of experimentation and research, conducted in full awareness of the cultural role of the architect.

Among the most coveted is also the Bruno Zevi Award which recognizes the most exemplary communication initiative – carried out in Italy or abroad – which promotes and spreads quality contemporary architecture in the world. In Sicily the “Bruno Zevi” prize will be awarded ex aequo to Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi for PressLetter and to Francesco Trovato for LetteraVentidue.

Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi in Sicily discovers talents who develop brilliant careers and extensive exhibition circuits, this scouting together with the dedication to contemporary architectural culture travels between the lines of the online magazine PressLetter which disseminates interest, digital contents and social communication even among non-experts jobs.

Francesco Trovato with the LetteraVentidue publishing house disseminates a large catalog of architecture and design titles of national and international circulation, books that are transformed into contemporary, timeless and refined design objects and which fuel an entrepreneurial profile in a difficult sector throughout Italy, that of specialist architecture publishing.

During the In/Architettura 2023 ceremony, the prize for the best new architectural works and the prize for the best redevelopment interventions on the existing building heritage (for restoration, renovation and regeneration works) will also be awarded; the Listone Giordano Award for an intervention that has been able to enhance the use of wood; the WTW Special Award – Willis Towers Watson; the special Federbeton award which enhances the use of cement and concrete. The jury that selected the winners is made up of: Mariagrazia Leonardi (president IN/Arch Sicilia), Rosario Fresta (president Ance Catania), Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo (IN/Architecture 2020 lifetime achievement award), Giorgia Testa and Salvo Terranova (Linea T Studio, winner of the IN/Architettura 2020 young category award), Nicola Di Battista (Studio NDB), Luca Molinari (architecture critic, University of Campania), Paola Cannavò (urban planner, University of Calabria), Gabriele Neri (historian, Polytechnic of Turin), Roberta Busnelli (IQD editorial director).

Photos: Fausto Provenzano, Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, Francesco Trovato

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