Road accidents, over 9000 victims in Campania in one year

Road accidents, over 9000 victims in Campania in one year
Road accidents, over 9000 victims in Campania in one year

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In the first half of 2022, road accidents in Italy increased by 24.7% compared to the same period in 2021, causing 1,450 victims.

An alarming figure, echoed by the request of the United Nations, which urged all member states to halve the global number of deaths and injuries resulting from road accidents by 2030. Bridgestone and Italian Red Cross they put their skills at the service of the community to make a concrete contribution to achieving the objectives outlined by the United Nations General Assembly and help spread the culture of safety in our country.

To raise young people’s awareness of important issues such as Road Safety and Environmental Education, Bridgestone and the Italian Red Cross have given impetus to the creation of the CRI Green Camp “Grand Tour of Irpinia“, a non-residential, free and inclusive summer camp, organized by the CRI Committee of Avellino, which was hosted from 28 August to 3 September at the former municipal school complex “Teobaldo Caggiano” in Taurasi, in which around twenty young people participated between 14 and 17 years old.

The young people were involved in recreational-educational activities, focused on the themes of environmental sustainability, through educational and sensorial workshops, guided walks and excursions to naturalistic sites, and road safety, with experiential and educational activities that enriched their cultural and the growth path has been strengthened. The camp has set itself the objective of educating children about respect for the environment and road safety, so that they are increasingly responsible and aware of protecting the ecosystem and safety. Road safety therefore remains a sensitive topic not only at a national level, but also for local communities.

In 2021, 9,014 road accidents occurred in Campania (+27.8% on 2020), causing 214 victims.
In the region, the highest number of road accidents was recorded in Naples (4,698; +24% on 2020), with 89 victims and 6,412 injured, while in Avellino there were 12 dead and 598 injured. And this is precisely the objective of the project created by Bridgestone and the Italian Red Cross, namely to spread the culture of safety in our country, contributing to achieving the United Nations’ sustainable development goals in view of 2030.

All this was possible through the commitment of Volunteers of the Red Cross Committee of Avellino, therefore we would like to thank: the Police Commissioner of Avellino and the State Police for having allowed the arrival in Taurasi of the “Blue Coach”, which in the 29 and 30 August gave a great contribution to the dissemination of Road Education among the young and less young of the Province of Avellino, then AIR Campania for the logistical support given, a bus with driver for the entire duration of the camp to allow scheduled trips to the province every day.

We would also like to thank the Valle Ufita Reclamation Consortium, CNR-Avellino, ARPAC, MEDA Aquilonia, INGV, Comunità Montana Terminio-Cervialto, MVQBSV Osservatorio Mt. Vergine, ACI, BIOGEM, Caseificio Grelle, “Antonio Colarusso” technological systems, ZUEGG, Municipality of Taurasi, Apulian Aqueduct and Pro-Loco Cassano Irpino, Biolù Agricultural Company. Again as part of the national campaign for “Road Safety”, on the occasion four “I RESPECT THE CYCLIST” signs were placed and inaugurated in the territory of the municipality of Taurasi, the sponsoring body of the initiative together with the CRI Committee of Avellino.

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