Forbes’ journey to discover SMEs

Forbes’ journey to discover SMEs
Forbes’ journey to discover SMEs

Small Giants arrives in Lecce for its fifteenth stage. Continue the journey of Forbes to discover Italian excellence. The appointment, made with Confindustriawas held in Puglia, at the Relais Masserie Le Cesine. The event was moderated by Edoardo PralliniForbes journalist and executive editor of the Small Giants project, and began with greetings from Roberto Martipresident of Confindustria Piccola Industria Lecce, who underlined the importance of the event organized by Forbes to give voice to local businesses.

Connecting through capital

The first roundtable was about connecting businesses through capital. They intervened Luca Memolisenior associate of Elite and responsible for central and southern Italy; Philip SuraceCEO of Cube Labswho spoke about the importance of opening up capital for scientific research; Marta Bonaticountry manager of Eburywhich highlighted the needs of SMEs on the international scene.

Small Giants: services for SMEs

The second panel hosted large companies that help support SMEs. Michele Balicearea manager south of Ifis Bankprovided a snapshot of medium and small companies in the Lecce province. Michela Rubegnimarketing director Eu of Alibaba.cominstead illustrated the tools that impact the business of small and medium-sized local players, helping them to overcome the main barriers to exports. Davide Nestola, business manager of N&C, analyzed the sectors in which companies should invest more for competitiveness: security and cybersecurity, data centers, multimedia and augmented reality systems, virtualization, storage and supercomputing systems, IoT. In the end, Fioravante Totiscosole director of CdsHotelsspoke about the importance of developing a connection with the territory in which companies operate.

Stories of Apulian entrepreneurship

The last round table gave voice to local entrepreneurs, the small giants of Puglia. Fabio Montinaro, administrator of Sudgaswho underlined the importance of promoting initiatives to train people to protect the environment and raise their awareness of the problems of waste recovery and disposal. Ivan De Masichief marketing officer of Reco 3.26who talked about artificial intelligence and machine learning. Antonella Seriousattorney of Serious, who explained the initiatives to ensure safety on construction sites. To conclude Alex Loprienofounder of WeShort, who, thanks to his passion for cinema, founded a startup that aims to expand more and more, without forgetting the connection with the Lecce area.

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