European volleyball championships: Italy one step away from the feat, knockout in the final for Ferdinando De Giorgi’s team

European volleyball championships: Italy one step away from the feat, knockout in the final for Ferdinando De Giorgi’s team
European volleyball championships: Italy one step away from the feat, knockout in the final for Ferdinando De Giorgi’s team

After all, there could be a hint of disappointment. When you are right there, just one step away from full mail, the undertaking which does not become so in its entirety, but remains partly unfinished, ends up not being read from the right perspective and, therefore, even generating misunderstandings in those less involved. to the sporting event. Going a little deeper into the heart of the matter, however, the knockout suffered in the European final in Rome by Italy in men’s volleyball it was indeed a stumble that no one would have wanted to suffer, but it does not erase, but rather strengthens, the experience that has been put in a safe up to now by formation of Ferdinando De Giorgi.

Everything can be said, in fact, except that the Italvolley team seen on the pitch in recent weeks is not destined for even greater results than those it has achieved so far.. This is why, instead of smiling with full teeth of silver – and we are talking about a European silver, certainly not second place in one of the many pre-season tournaments of any championship – it happens that we focus more on the full joy missed rather rather than focusing on consolidating a position that sees the Azzurri sitting firmly at the top, or at least one step away from it, of international volleyball.

In the space of two years, Italian volleyball has managed to achieve a European gold and silver and a world gold. Doing more, honestly, would have been difficult, if not by beating that Poland which, for its part, at the PalaEur did everything, absolutely everything, to avenge the slap suffered a year ago at his home in Katowice . The expression “One time you give it, the other time you take it”, in effect, outlines what happened in the capital on Saturday evening, with a packed arena to push its heroes to victory and that scream that remained strangled in the throat which, considering the premises, it is still there, in its place, ready to be let go at the first useful opportunity.

When more than four million Italians choose to tune in to Rai 1 to see captain Simone Giannelli and company at workUltimately, it will mean something. It is clearly a certificate of esteemof the desire to participate, of that desire to be there that the ride between Bologna, Ancona, Bari and Rome has inevitably unleashed among volleyball enthusiasts and, broadening our gaze, among sportspeople across the country.

In the afternoon of the football hailstorm at San Siro, once the teasing of the satiated Inter fans had died down for the 5-1 win without striking a blow against the cousins ​​of the silent Rossoneri side of Milana completely different film has begun, with an ending that is not as sweet as everyone present would have liked, but in any case worthy of being seen, enjoyed, even a little cursed.

Put like this, it would almost seem like unsolicited praise for the Italian national team at the moment of surrender. It is sufficient to recount what happened in a pizzeria in Alzate Brianza, that is, in one of the thousands and thousands that dot the Bel Paese, to understand how much the concentrated face of Daniele Lavia, or that of Alessandro Michieletto or Yuri Romanò, entered into the eyes, and perhaps also in the hearts, of the many who until a few minutes earlier were totally immersed in the Madonnina derby.

And yes, because among the many tables that, as usual, populated that place on a Saturday evening, there were also three long tables of those that normally breathe only football, that smell of children dreaming of Serie A, of fathers and mothers ready to accompany them to training to help them chase the brightest of dreams of that age. Well, when the big screen was still showing the highlights of Milan, here was the request to change the channel. Between amazed and amused, the owner agrees, transforming the course of the discussion at the table in one fell swoop.

The doubt about the first goal is gone, the singular battle over who between Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Marcus Thuram was more decisive has been abandoned, here are the first assessments on Roberto Russo’s probable return to the fieldor the launch of hyperbolic comparisons between the support of the stadium, albeit packed, in Rome, and that of not just any stadium, but rather the recently admired San Siro.

When the President of the Republic is framed, the still very vivid memories of the European Championship in England immediately come to mind, to then leave room for the hope of Sergio Mattarella in a talismanic version to lead the Azzurri towards gold. This will not be the case, at least in this case; to find out, however, it was necessary to get to the end, with that 23-25 ​​in the third set weakening the remaining hopes at that point, and despite everything, still stubbornly alive. The flame, in fact, never went out, not even when at 0-2 it seemed not only complex, but almost impossible, to reverse the situation.

Italy, however, tried, pushed by 11,300 fans ready to underline with their voices every ball that fell into the right half of the field. The initial extension in the aforementioned third set was not enough, it was not enough to cancel a match point that seemed destined to end the hostilities prematurely. Tears and smiles, in the end, mixed togetherwith the baby footballers out in the car park to vent their youth and their parents to talk about a national team different from that of Luciano Spalletti.

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