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Lea Ricci, born in Cesena, but Turin (or rather Casellese) by adoption, is a well-known painter on the international artistic scene. And she has good reason for it, because her works, presented in dozens of individual, retrospective or collective exhibitions in the most prestigious art galleries in Piedmont, in Italy, in Europe and in the world, immediately stand out for their lively style. , eye-catching and bright.

You could define it “The Artist of Sparkling Colors” because his canvases are a triumph of dazzling, luminous colours, blended with ingenious creativity, to convey joy, cheerfulness, hope and optimism: a characteristic that is absolutely not usual among brush artists. But she is consistent with those who, like Lea Ricci, have a joyful soul, which is constantly reflected in her friendly smile and in the shining light of her lively eyes.

ReminiscenceAn abstract work by Lea Ricci

As a juror of some literary competitions, I first met Lea Ricci as a poet: her poetics, like her painting, immediately appeared joyful, carefree, but at the same time didactic and suitable for readers of all ages. And it is no coincidence that the Ricci, as I happened to discover later, is also a fluent author of nursery rhymes for children. I met the Ricci painter only later, visiting a collective exhibition at the exhibition hall of Friendly City Art. And there was an immediate fascination with his style and his works.

Lea Ricci with the work “Homage to Claudio Monteverdi”

The common thread of the artistic language that binds together all the canvases of this talented and accomplished painter, which even touches on very different themes, is color, a flamboyant color.

“I love painting because of the colours – always very lively (ed) – they represent the sublimation of the soul…”: it is therefore at the soul of the artist that the inspiring Muse knocks Lea Riccia soul that yearns to expose itself and show itself in its essence and in its candour, with the explosion of a childish laugh.

Luminous reality, work by Lea Ricci

His compositions oscillate between cubism and surrealism, between realism and dreamlike vision, between the romantic-electronic and theinformal-material to use some expressions of the Artist herself. Often it is science that gives the go-ahead to the brushes of Lea Ricci. Bionics and cybernetics, electronics, space astronautics, physics and chemistry are expertly mixed in art, to make themselves accessible to the common man, who is not necessarily a man of science, to bring wonder and amazement, and an added value of trust in ‘man. Lea Ricci it is always in motion, always looking for new stimuli, new outlets, new themes, new subjects, new experiments that can transmit a joyful emotional charge to the observer “with nuances – as she herself states – which can sometimes appear veiled, other times instinctive, explosive, or which on other occasions generate severe or dark lines, but which can always make those who find themselves in front of one of my paintings exclaim that… COLOR is LIFE!”

And this is certainly one of the secrets that make the paintings of this eclectic painter, with her brilliant and multifaceted creativity, enchanting.

Sergio Donna | 19 September 2023

Anyone wishing to visit Lea Ricci’s virtual art gallery, click here:


Sergio Donna

19 September 2023

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