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Resounding! Formula One saw an incredible result in the Singapore GP, with Carlos Sainz who – unexpectedly – won the race, with a very risky strategy in the final laps but which proved to be correct. Ferrari’s newfound victory is counterbalanced by a more than bad weekend for Red Bull, never really a protagonist after a top season.

Now we go to Japan, for the Suzuka race, and the question is one: given that the World Championship is Red Bull’s thing, will Ferrari be able to confirm itself? Will Mercedes and McLaren compete for the co-protagonist role of the reds?

Never before have the Formula One odds issued by Italian betting sites turned out to be as interesting as this time.

Japanese Grand Prix 2023: odds and favourites

After the incredible result in Singapore, these are the odds for Japan. Verstappen is still (understandably) the heavy favourite, but pay attention to the odds of others.

The odds comparison of the Japanese GP winner according to .it bookmakers

Formula One Japanese GP: odds and bets

Don’t be fooled by the outcome of the last race: in Suzuka, in fact, Verstappen he is still the overwhelming favourite, and the very slim odds prove it. As usual, the suggestion is don’t bet on the world champion Dutchsince its share is really too low.

Comparison of betting offers

If we really had to make a crazy bet, thinking of a Singapore-like outcome with Red Bull in difficulty, we would try with Leclerc: after being sacrificed in the last race, in the event of a positive qualification he could be the one to play for the victory up front, even if the scenario is very remote.

Last weekend we got all the predictions right on the secondary markets (correcting the virtual safety car and the low number of drivers at the finish). Today we try our luck again by predicting a big NO for Suzuka in the YES/NO classified market Tsunodawho in recent weeks has been experiencing a lot of problems with his car: the altitude up is at 6.00, while it is at 5.00 and 4.50 up Betaland (betting) . The bet pays around even money both Ferraris in the top 6which after last week cannot be ignored.

Where to bet?

The odds we looked at come from best Italian betting sites , on which we can consult all the odds on Formula One. To bet for real money on this sport, you must register on one of these sites, in a simple and legal way. Each of these betting sites, moreover, offers some betting welcome bonus to all new players.

Let’s see a comparison of this bonus between the various sites:


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