Gs Lupi VDA at the CONI Trophy with four musketeers –

Gs Lupi VDA at the CONI Trophy with four musketeers –
Gs Lupi VDA at the CONI Trophy with four musketeers –

National final of the Coni Trophy, from 21st to 24th September, in Matera (Basilicata), with the MountainBike test scheduled for Friday 22nd, in Nova Siri, in which the Gs Lupi Valle d’Aosta quartet composed of Nathan Evolandro, Federico Bruzzo, Syria Valenti and Luca Sandi.

And Luca Sandi himself, this morning, at the Regional Palace, together with the gymnast Viola di Francesco – the two youngest athletes of the Aosta Valley expedition – received from the President of the Region, Renzo Testolin, from the Councilor for Sport, Giulio Grosjacques and from the President of Coni Vd’A, Jean Dondeynaz, the flag of the Aosta Valley.


Circuit of just under a kilometre, to be repeated several times based on the category, yesterday, in Occhieppo Inferiore (Biella), the town where the 2nd Bergo Pneumatici Trophy was scheduled, a road race reserved for the very young, where the young athletes of the Orange Bike Team provided excellent performances, in particular with Julien and Mathis Marchi, Claudio Fianco, Filippo Grosso and Maelys Cortese, who achieved a podium placement and allowed the Media Valle association to gain second place in the club ranking.

In the G3, victory goes to Julien Marchi, ahead of Gabriele Guglielmetti (Castellettese) and Thomas Contadino (Piossasco).

In the G4, third step of the podium went to Filippo Grosso, in the race won by Gianluca Ponti (Castellettese) ahead of Federico Arcudi (Piossasco).

In the G5, success for Stefano Boni (Castellettese) over Lorenzo Licata (Piossasco), with Aurora Cerame (Castellettese) third and first in the female category. Fifth overall, second in the women’s competition, Maelys Cortese; 8th, 4th Women, Sophie Marchi.

In the G6, third and fourth place colored orange, thanks to Claudio Fianco and Xavier Perrin, with victory for Nicolù Casalicchio (Bike Frigo Life) over Nicolò Alessandria (Piossasco).

In the G1, second place went to Mathis Marchi, behind Alan Ubertini (Borgomanero), with third place going to Umberto Comba (Esperia Piasco).

In the G2, success for Emanuele Carrea (Mtb I Cinghiali), in 7th place Niccolò Fianco and in 10th Christophe Cortese.

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