EXCLUSIVE / Orlando: “Against Lazio I saw a dominant Juve”

EXCLUSIVE / Orlando: “Against Lazio I saw a dominant Juve”
EXCLUSIVE / Orlando: “Against Lazio I saw a dominant Juve”

Exclusive interview by Juvenews.eu with Massimo Orlando. Here are the words he released to our microphones: here is what he told us

With regards to current events from a Juventus perspective and the transversal direction that the Italian championship has taken, our editorial staff interviewed exclusively Massimo OrlandoRadio Rai commentator and footballer for the Vecchia Signora in the first part of the 1990-1991 season.

What type of Juve did you notice against Lazio?

“Against Lazio I saw a dominant and superior Juve in all areas of the pitch. The match was immediately directed by Vlahovic’s goal in the first 15 minutes. From there, it was clear that the Old Lady would win.”

Is the Chiesa-Vlahovic duo objectively the best in the championship?

“It’s too early to say, but she can be a candidate to be one of the best in the championship because one completes the other. However, we must also be objective regarding some issues…”.

“I’ve been saying it since this summer: Lazio have weakened considerably compared to last season and the second place in 2022/2023 was almost a miracle. So it is right to recognize the value of Juventus, but this fact must also be underlined honestly.”

How much will a possible long-term loss of Pogba cost Juve, just like last season (albeit for different reasons)?

“Very very much. With Pogba, Juventus becomes 50% stronger. I agree with Allegri: if he is well, he is a footballer clearly different from the others.”

Who will compete for the championship?

“I see Juve one step above Milan against Inter, who are the absolute favourites. For me, the Bianconeri and the Nerazzurri are playing.”

What factors could lean in favor of Allegri’s team?

“Inter has a more complete and deeper squad. However, Juve only has to prepare one match a week: in the long run, it is a factor that can have an impact. Furthermore, I notice a renewed enthusiasm which can only help the Old Lady in her championship.”

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