Rain and storms arriving in Calabria

Bad weather, clouds, thunderstorm, rain

Goodbye to the heat in Calabria with the imminent arrival of an Atlantic disturbance, strong drops in temperature and possible rain and thunderstorms expected

The last week of summer in Calabria features a typically summer climate, thanks to the presence of the African anticyclone that dominates Southern Italy. This scenario has brought temperatures well above seasonal averages, with values ​​that can easily reach 32-33°C along the coasts and even peaks of 35°C in the internal areas of Cosenza. A belated gift from summer, but a little unexpected for those who were already expecting a taste of autumn.

However, it is time to prepare for change. Starting next weekend, the meteorological situation seems destined to undergo a significant change. It is in fact increasingly probable that a disturbance of Atlantic origin will make its entry into Southern Italy and, consequently, also into the Calabrian region, starting from Sunday 24 September. This event could lead to a significant decrease in temperatures, with a drop that could even reach 10 degrees centigrade. In this way, the summer heat will give way to more suitable values ​​for the period.

But that’s not all: there is also a possible complication to keep an eye on, represented by a cyclonic vortex in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Once the Atlantic sinking reaches the Mediterranean, it could isolate itself, creating a low pressure trough. This phenomenon could lead to unstable weather conditions, with scattered rain and thunderstorms. However, it is important to underline that this trend should be considered with caution, as there are still several days left before the event and further updates will be necessary to better understand, above all, the position that the Atlantic sinking will take.

In summary, Calabria is about to experience a significant climate change, with the end of summer and the arrival of an Atlantic disturbance that will bring a drop in temperatures and the possibility of precipitation. It is advisable to keep up to date with the weather forecast in the coming days to adequately prepare for this climate change.

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