RM open, Amati: “The first in Puglia”

RM open, Amati: “The first in Puglia”
RM open, Amati: “The first in Puglia”

Statement by the President of the Regional Budget and Planning Commission Fabiano Amati.

“As part of the tender for the equipment of the new Monopoli-Fasano hospital, to be published in a few days, there is the supply of an open nuclear magnetic resonance, intended for claustrophobic patients, children, overweight people or, generally, in conditions of anxiety.

In recent days, in fact, the works management of the new hospital has established the compatibility of the structure in supporting the considerable weight of the equipment, through minor reinforcement works.

The Apulian public health system does not currently have an open MRI and that of the new Monopoli-Fasano hospital will be the first, forcing people to turn to the private sector.

Open MRI is a diagnostic activity aimed at people who are unable to enter the tube (gantry) for total body investigations and who therefore need a larger space. The importance of this technological innovation lies, as usual, in the numbers. It is estimated that approximately 10% of Italian patients are affected by claustrophobia, and if we add to these overweight patients, children and those in particular anxiety conditions, the need for open MRI can be explained without the need to provide further details .

I thank the RUP of the new Monopoli-Fasano hospital, Nicola Sansolini, for having developed this correct intuition of considerable clinical value, suitable for clearly understanding the technologically advanced intent of the new hospital buildings, in general, and of the Monopoli-Fasano hospital in particular. I also thank the director of works Francesco Ruggero for his always generous and competent support.

Among a thousand problems, starting with that of the delays on which I will never give up an inch, there is still something to rejoice in for the long road accomplished and for the increasingly closer finish line.”

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