Father and son sprinkle petrol on their elderly relative’s room in Casarano near Lecce: arrested


Arrested after attempting to set fire to the elderly relative who was hosting them. TO Casaranoin the province of Lecce, the handcuffs were put in place for father and son, 64 and 37 years old respectively. The two, of origins Albaniansthey had doused the bedroom where an elderly relative was sleeping with petrol where they were guests.

Cohabitation relations had been strained for some time

It was the evening of Sunday 17 September when the two men tried to implement their plan against theelderly woman which, for some time, would have them hosted in his hometo Casarano.

According to the reconstructions that have emerged so far, i relationships of the woman with father and son they were ruined for a long time because of constant arguments related to cohabitation.

Photo source: Tuttocittà.it

Casarano, the municipality in the province of Lecce, where the attempted attack at home took place

In fact, not long ago, the elderly relative would have made the decision to remove the two men from his home. But this would have further damaged relations.

The attempt to set the woman on fire in the middle of the night

According to what was reported by some local newspapers, father and son attempted to set the woman on fire after theyet another argument that there would have been.

The extreme gesture would therefore have been a way to silence the old woman with whom the two men had been guests for years.

Thus, father and son would have doused the old woman’s bedroom with petrol. All in the middle of the night, between 17 and 18 September.

The late hour, however, did not stop the woman from notice in time of what the two were about to do. The old woman, in fact, would have managed to run away asking for help.

The escape and arrest of father and son

The woman would have managed to escape after hearing the two men approaching her bedroom.

According to what emerged, the lady managed to escape asking for help first to some family members and then managing to alert them too police.

In fact, the police immediately arrived on site and proceeded with thearrest in flagrante delicto of the two men for private violence, abuse in the family And persecutory acts. Father and son were taken to the ‘Borgo San Nicola’ prison in Lecce.

A few weeks earlier, a Fourth in the province of Naples, a man was arrested for attempted murder. A 53-year-old, in fact, doused his neighbor with petrol and set her on fire. The gesture was probably carried out after a condominium dispute.


Photo source: istockphoto

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