the movement of the curtains was removed

The former Splendor cinema in Viale Gran Sasso in Milan (Citta Studi area), a space occupied in recent days by the students of the “tent movements”, has been cleared out.

The operation was ordered by the Milan police commissioner, Giuseppe Petronzi, and began at dawn on Tuesday 19 September. When the police showed up at the door of the former cinema around 7am, around a dozen activists were present. There were no moments of tension and the operations ended during the morning.

Inside the structure (a private property) the children had set up study rooms and film clubs, services that were also available to other movements involved in issues such as the climate and gender violence. However, the other protest in front of the Milan Polytechnic is still underway, a symbolic place of the protest that began in May by a group of students.

The occupation

The occupation began on Saturday 16 September when students and workers from the “Tents in the Square” group occupied the cinema a few steps from Piazza Piola, to “return to the city a space that had been closed since 2007”.

The students’ tents are back in the square against high rents

“Now that we have entered – one of the leaders of the movement, Giovanni, explained to Mianews – we have no intention of leaving”. Several residents of the area had protested against the occupation, complaining about the boys’ initiatives.

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