“Teaming up to relaunch Monesi and the Alpine territory” – Imperianews.it

“Teaming up to relaunch Monesi and the Alpine territory” – Imperianews.it
“Teaming up to relaunch Monesi and the Alpine territory” – Imperianews.it

Rebirth of Monesiintervention of Polytechnic of Turin to give life to what can be defined as an incubator of ideas.

This morning, in fact, the project was presented in the Municipality’s reception hall Alpine Space BeyondSnow which concerns the former ski resort together with its territory that it insists on Ligurian Alps Park.

After the mayor’s greeting Enrico Pira followed by that AlEssandro Alessandripresident of the Park, of Andrea Boccodirector Dist-Polytechnic Of Turin, Federica CorradoDist scientific manager, fell to Andrea Omizzolo And Philipp Corradin explain the project it concerns Monesi.

We have the task of creating the conditions for the mountain to remain inhabited – Omizzolo’s debut – It is no longer conceivable to approach mountain territories with the same economy as in the past, in particular by focusing the future on snow”.

With climate changes, which do not only concern the Ligurian hinterland, in fact, they require us to adapt the perspective precisely for those places that had based their economic life on the snow that is now lacking.

We must learn from the changing world – explains Alessandro Alessandripresident ofthe Ligurian Alps Park – and this is above all the responsibility of local administrators who cannot be so short-sighted by thinking of the future only with references to snow”.

A situation that forces us to leave the old bell tower disputes for a tomorrow marked by cohesion. “It is absolutely necessary to work as a team– continues Alessandria development strategy that cannot be limited to Monesi but must involve the entire mountain area, from the Roja, Argentina, Arroscia and Tanaro valleys to create a shared project”.

An indication that underlies a responsible community of intent. “No one this morning brought solutions – is keen to clarify president of the ParkAll the Municipalities involved must be aware that Monesi can no longer think about the future on the snow but create different development conditions, for example by attracting private individuals interested in investing in that territory which will no longer be linked to skiing but, perhaps, to trekking or mountain bike. Ideas will come from the territory”.

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