In Lombardy 361 companies “on track” for equality certification

In Lombardy 361 companies “on track” for equality certification
In Lombardy 361 companies “on track” for equality certification

361 new applications since the beginning of the year, three times more than the SMEs that have already obtained certification in Lombardy (130). And half (52%) of the requests come from small businesses, which are more attentive than the medium ones (31%). The numbers and the regional analysis on the progress of the certification of gender equality in the meeting organized by Unioncamere Lombardia on 26 September in the Region, of which we anticipate some ideas.

At an aggregate level, in just twelve months since its entry into force, around 300 groups and companies have already obtained certification for gender equality in Italy. This effective and concrete tool owes its progressive success to its extreme concreteness – the parameters for certification “speak” the company language – and to the reward system, which recognizes virtuous companies with contribution reductions of up to 1% (and for a maximum of 50 thousand euros) and an additional score – confirmed by the DL Entities in its latest version – in public tenders. With particular attention and ad hoc financing for small and medium-sized businesses, which are the backbone of our economy


And if at a national level official data and analyzes on the type of companies that have obtained certification are not yet available, it is at a regional level and through the request for funds by SMEs that a first snapshot can be obtained – albeit partial, because it excludes the “big” ones – whose companies are interested in becoming certified. Also because some regions such as Lombardy (10 million euros) and Puglia (400 thousand euros) have allocated additional funds compared to the national ones to support companies in the certification process.


The Lombard tender “Towards the certification of gender equality” lasts two years and provides micro, small and medium-sized companies with a voucher to support both the costs related to technical consultancy in view of certification (line A of financing) and the costs live on the certification itself (line B).

To date, 361 applications have been received – for a total of contributions requested of around 3 million euros – of which half (51%) are small businesses, with micro (16%) and even medium-sized businesses (31) more “lukewarm”. %). The liveliest areas are those of Milan (153 applications), Brescia (58), Bergamo (37) and Varese (24). The sector affiliation is also interesting: the majority of SMEs interested are in services (63%), but there are also many industrial (21%) and some in the construction sector (9%).

It’s a good sign of interest, if you consider that the announcement is in February – explains Fabrizio Ventrice, operational director of Unioncamere Lombardia – and that the requests for financing to obtain certification by Lombardy SMEs are triple compared to the number of those that have already obtained it in the last year”. The targets set at national level by the PNRR – at least 800 certified companies (of which 450 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) and support and technical assistance to at least 1000 companies by 2026 – they are challenging, but not unattainable, based on the Lombard sample.


Numbers that also derive from a widespread information campaign across the territory – Unioncamere Lombardia has already organized 12 events, involving over 800 participating companies – which has been able to go beyond technical information and instead relaunch the organizational innovation that certification can bring with it. “Consultancy support – Fabrizio Ventrice explains further – allows you to carry out an organizational and internal process analysis to understand the level of maturity with respect to gender equality and to draw up a detailed strategic plan with measurable indicators to be monitored over time. In short, it helps the company to “bring order” and systematise, making initiatives in this area more measurable and therefore improvable and effective.”. The first concrete feedback from companies is in fact an improvement in productivity and organizational processes as a whole.

For all the details, the appointment is September 26th at Palazzo Lombardia from 9.30 am. The coordinator of the initiatives on Inclusion and Diversity of the Sole 24 Ore Group, Monica D’Ascenzo, moderated the meeting.


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