Success for the “Breathalyzers for life”: Fratres Toscana distributed 10 thousand of them

Success for the “Breathalyzers for life”: Fratres Toscana distributed 10 thousand of them
Success for the “Breathalyzers for life”: Fratres Toscana distributed 10 thousand of them
Over 10 thousand breathalyzers distributed in less than three months in all the provinces of our region: this is the balance of the initiative presented today at the press conference. In fact, the awareness campaign promoted this summer by Fratres Toscana ended with a great result. “He blows to make sure he’s driving. Save your life and that of others by donating blood” is the slogan chosen to support the initiative, a double invitation present on the breathalyzers distributed outside bars, clubs and discos.

“I would say that it is an initiative that promotes the sense of responsibility of young people – said the vice-president Stefania Saccardi – because the distribution of breathalyzers pushes on prevention first of all, but also gives the strong message that when you have been drinking you should not drink drive, as it could represent a danger to yourself and others. There is another responsibility that is promoted: the awareness that without blood donations all surgical activity and a large part of healthcare activity would stop. Making young people reflect on the consequences of their own attitudes, both on the importance of not driving when drinking, and on the importance of a gesture of generosity such as donating blood, is therefore a great value for young people themselves first and foremost for the whole community.”

“It is these initiatives that are relevant for the community and for the healthcare system for which we must thank Fratres,” said health councilor Simone Bezzini. “Having the collaboration of deep-rooted associations like this, which bring together thousands of people in our region, produces added value. In this case we had the ability, thanks to this initiative, to combine two aspects: the promotion of the culture of driving safety, a fundamental theme, in which the distribution of breathalyzers can raise awareness of

correct behavior to protect everyone’s health, and on the other hand the promotion of the culture of blood and plasma donation. This aspect also has enormous value, they are decisive factors for making the healthcare system work well and assisting people in need. I take this opportunity to thank Fratres and all the donor associations because this summer we were able to guarantee the self-sufficiency of the system, a result that was not taken for granted, but was obtained thanks to the collaboration of the professionals, the blood center, the company managements, the associations, the donors which allows us to project ourselves into the future.”

“This summer in Tuscany we recorded an extraordinary figure: for the first time we achieved self-sufficiency. A resounding success for this always very problematic period of the year”, explains the president of Fratres Toscana, Claudio Zecchi. “We are happy to have made our contribution. Now we must not let our guard down. Thanks to the breathalyzer campaign, we have worked to spread the culture of donation especially among our children. Their commitment is needed to meet the ever-increasing need for blood and plasma, necessary to save human lives.”

All Fratres campaigns and initiatives are obviously aimed at increasing the number of donations.

Fratres Toscana is divided into 12 territorial councils, 285 groups, has over 1000 volunteers engaged every day to collect blood and therefore save human lives: in 2022 there were over 62 thousand donations guaranteed by 40 thousand donors.

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