“ADL is thinking about changing coach but I’m sure he won’t tell anyone”

“ADL is thinking about changing coach but I’m sure he won’t tell anyone”
“ADL is thinking about changing coach but I’m sure he won’t tell anyone”

He spoke on Radio CRC during the program “Si Gonfia la Rete”. Antonio Corbo, Repubblica columnist: “What is De Laurentiis thinking? He must be praying to San Gennaro for a grace with Napoli. It’s an absolutely confused team. There are some crazy tactical errors. Replacing Kvaratskhelia in favor of Zerbin had never been seen before. Elmas couldn’t touch the ball. Tactically I see Garcia as a bit slow in reacting, he doesn’t seem reactive to me in overturning the team’s tactical situation and this is a problem for Napoli.
De Laurentiis never forgave Spalletti for the 4-0 defeat by Milan. Napoli’s Black April was repeated twice, I was told that many fans didn’t like it. Luckily last year he didn’t suffer any problems in the final stage.

Has De Laurentiis taken into account the possibility of changing coach? I think he’s thinking about it but I’m sure he doesn’t tell anyone, but if I can give De Laurentiis some advice, he shouldn’t listen to false friends. The worst favor that can be done to De Laurentiis is to instigate him to increase his anger, but he must be made to see reason. Napoli lacks an intermediate figure. Last year someone like Giuntoli had the courage to make the president think, today who is the person who can do it?

Giuntoli was always on the bench next to Spalletti and absorbed Spalletti’s moods and discontents.

Napoli are five points behind Inter, let’s try to understand why this is so. At this moment great listening skills are needed. You have to talk to these characters, you have to understand and steal their soul. I don’t think it’s right that the president should have to negotiate the salary. He has to give the guidelines and at the last minute he arrives and even gives you an extra euro. The president cannot be the player’s grim counterpart. The player must feel the president as a father, not as an enemy.

Is it possible that this negotiation will still go ahead with Osimhen? It’s also the fault of his agent who can’t find common ground. I think he’s only good at driving the car, because there have been 12 fights.

Can there be a turning point between Braga and Bologna? I see it positively in Braga for the international atmosphere.”

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