The Gumina is not enough, the guests pass

The Gumina is not enough, the guests pass
The Gumina is not enough, the guests pass

At Ferraris, fifth day of the 2023/24 Serie B between Sampdoria and Cittadella: summary, result, slow motion and live commentary

There Sampdoria it doesn’t work within the friendly walls of Ferraris. Pirlo’s team suffered a sensational comeback after La Gumina’s goal, falling 2-1 against Citadel. The goals of the former Magrassi and Branca were fatal.

Sampdoria-Cittadella 1-2 summary

1′ Start of the first half – The Ferraris match begins!

2′ Stankovic risks big – Wrong clearance that is controlled by Pittarello, a powerful right-footed shot deflected by the Serbian goalkeeper himself who makes amends

7′ Chance for Cittadella – Wrong disengagement by Depaoli, former Sampdoria player Tessiore frees a diagonal shot from the edge of the area which misses the target

16′ Pittarello close to scoring – The visiting attacker intoxicates Ghilardi with a series of feints and forces Stankovic into the save

21′ Thrill for Samp – Vita collects Murru’s short clearance and shoots with first intention, Stankovic blocks the ball

33′ Pedrola plays the charge – The Spanish winger beats two opponents with a feint and finishes towards the goal, Frare’s deflection was providential

36′ Samp forward again – Long distance shot by Depaoli: ball out

43′ Goal by La Gumina – The Blucerchiati striker latches on to Verre’s cross and surprises Kastrati from the start: Sampdoria ahead!

45′ End of first half – The teams return to the changing rooms: La Gumina’s goal decides the match

46′ Start of second half – The Ferraris match resumes! A change for Cittadella: Giraudo out, Carissoni in

48′ Goal by Magrassi – The attacker scores the ex’s goal by taking advantage of Carissoni’s cross and anticipating Giordano at the near post: everything still needs to be done again for Sampdoria

56′ Change for Sampdoria – Kasami out, Girelli in

58′ Miracle by Stankovic – Closed fists and reactivity to repel Pavan’s volley, very close to scoring

61′ Double substitution for Cittadella – Amatucci and Magrassi out; inside Mastrantonio and Pandolfi

66′ Goal by Branca – Tender disengagement of the Sampdoria rearguard and a deadly shot from far away that leaves Stankovic no chance: now Cittadella is ahead

71′ Pedrola posts – Great play by the Spaniard at the edge of the area, then the right-footed shot hits the woodwork

72′ Triple change for Sampdoria – Giordano, Ricci and La Gumina are out; inside Barreca, Vieira and Delle Monache

73′ A change for Cittadella – Pittarello out, Maistrello in

80′ Change for Sampdoria – Depaoli out, Stojanovic in

81′ Substitution for Cittadella – Branca out, Danzi in

90′ injury time – Last seven minutes of the match

90’+6′ Sensational opportunity for Sampdoria – Borini shoots at Kastrati, then Stojanovic puts it in the center for Pedrola who is unable to find the goal with his header

90’+7′ End of match – The curtain falls on Ferraris: La Gumina’s goal is not enough, Cittadella passes

Man of the match: Branca (Cittadella)

Sampdoria-Cittadella 1-2: the scoreboard of the match

MARKERS: 43′ La Gumina, 48′ Magrassi, 66′ Branca.

SAMPDORIA (4-3-3): Stankovic; Depaoli (80′ Stojanovic), Ghilardi, Murru, Giordano (72′ Barreca); Kasami (56′ Girelli), Ricci (72′ Vieira), Verre; Pedrola, La Gumina (72′ Delle Monache), Borini. Available: Tantalocchi, Ravaglia, Askildsen, Malagrida, Yepes, Gonzalez, Lemina. Trainer: Pirlo.

CITADEL (4-3-1-2): Kastrati; Salvi, Frare, Pavan, Giraudo (46′ Carissoni); Amatucci (61′ Mastrantonio), Branca (81′ Danzi), Vita; Weaver; Magrassi (61′ Pandolfi), Pittarello (73′ Maistrello). Available: Maniero, Angeli, Rizza, Carriero, Kornvig, Cassano. Trainer: Gorini.

REFEREE: Gualtieri of Asti. Assistants: Priests of Mantua and Shops of Terni. Fourth official: De Angeli of Milan. VAR: Di Martino from Teramo. AVAR: Nocera loaf.

WARNED: Ricci, Giraudo, Vita, Girelli, Carissoni, Murru.

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