The metro, bus and ATM tram timetables in Milan for the 24-hour strike

The metro, bus and ATM tram timetables in Milan for the 24-hour strike
The metro, bus and ATM tram timetables in Milan for the 24-hour strike

Monday 18 September in the shadow of the Madonnina could be a black day for transport due to the ATM transport strike. The unrest could cause the interruption of metro, bus and tram services in Milan, as well as Autoguidovie and Movibus buses outside the city.

The date of the protest, published some time ago on the strike portal of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, was confirmed by the Milanese transport company, which published the guarantee timetables. Although it is clear that any inconveniences will be directly linked to the overall number of employees who decide to fold their arms (here is the data on participation in the latest strikes).

The strike – lasting 24 hours – was proclaimed by the unions Cub Trasporti, SGB, Cobas Private Labour, ADL Cobas and Faisa Confail, which however said it was willing to withdraw the agitation in the event of a summons from the ministry. In Milan, the strike could have consequences on the metro lines from 8.45am to 3pm and after 6pm, according to what was reported by Atm.

That same Monday 18 September, again for 24 hours, the staff of the Autoguidovie bus company stopped throughout Lombardy (also involving the Bologna area). In this case the agitation was organized only by the acronym Osr Faisa-Cisal. In addition to Autoguidovie, Movibus staff also stopped in San Vittore Olona in the Milanese area on the same day. Also in this case, as in the other events, we will have to wait for concrete participation but given the density of appointments it seems certain that on that Monday there will be a good deal of inconvenience for passengers.

And the reasons for the protest were explained by the same acronyms to “demand a salary increase of 300 euros” and ask for “a reduction to 35 hours per week for the same salary”. The trade unionists hope “for the reduction of driving periods and working hours” and “a real adaptation of safety protections in the workplace, as well as for users who use public transport”.

“It is time and time to say enough to the policy of concertation which in all these years has been co-responsible and has only produced an impoverishment of the working class, a continuous erosion of rights and conquests”, continued the workers, underlining that “wages are the lowest in Europe, the work is increasingly harder, the responsibilities are increasingly greater”.

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