Tourist falls into the lake and dies in front of Villa Carlotta

A tourist died on the banks of Lake Como, in front of Villa Carlotta, for the consequences of a disastrous fall from the Queen. The accident this morning, Saturday 26 August, around 6.30.

The man, Octavio Couto Da Silva, a citizen of Brazilian origin but resident in the USA, aged 52 on vacation in a Tremezzina hotel, was sitting on the low wall on either side of the Queen, right in front of Villa Carlotta. Suddenly he would lose his balance and fall into the lake. The rescuers intervened immediately, with the Menaggio Red Cross ambulance, the self-medication and the firefighters, but when they arrived the man was already dead.

The carabinieri of Tremezzina were also on the spot, who now have the task of reconstructing exactly the dynamics and circumstances of the accident. To understand if the causes of death are related to the traumas sustained during the fall or if the man ended up in the lake and drowned.

The victim had been at a wedding party the night before. At the end of which he lingered around the streets of Tremezzina. So, before returning to the hotel, he sat on the low wall overlooking the lake (a drop of about 4 meters).

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