Porn is not what it used to be and it is a problem

Porn is not what it used to be and it is a problem
Porn is not what it used to be and it is a problem

AGI – Porn is not what it used to be. To say it is not a nostalgic frequenter of red light rooms, but two characters apparently at the antipodes: one is very close to the Catholic world and the other is the undisputed king of porn. One is the minister of the family Eugenia Roccella and the other is Rocco Siffredi, a former porn star, but also an entrepreneur and a profound connoisseur of whole world that revolves around porn.

Because there is no other way to say it: the much stigmatized erotic cinema of the 70s which with the various Giovannona coscialunga and the female doctors with the colonels who populated the dreams of adolescents was fresh water compared to what they are exposed to 24 hours a day. 24 in any place children and young people of all ages. In the world of porn there is a race to the extreme so precipitous that the one from the beginning now appears light years away and the consequences on the sexuality education of the very young – it is on this that Siffredi and Roccella agree – they are dramatic.

Porn is more and more humiliating

“There is a pornography that has changed a lot and it is increasingly violent and humiliating towards women” says the minister in an interview with QN and “there is an early exposure to these contents that new technologies facilitate: just think that the average age of first access to porn is estimated at seven years”

In her view, it is not a question of “establishing automatic cause-and-effect relationships” with respect to violence against women, but of “collect evidence of a problem that experts on issues such as cyberbullying and revenge porn report with increasing insistence, and of which in other countries such as France, such as America, awareness is being gained”.

The case of the rape of Palermo

“Brutal forms of sexuality can pass through porn, and we must ask ourselves about the effects they can have on a minor”, Roccella warns that to those who have criticized his appeal to address the issue of porn he replied: “I think everyone was impressed reading that tens of thousands of people tried to get hold of the Palermo rape video. Is there really no need to discuss it?”

On any restrictions on access to pornography for minors, the minister invited to hear “what family associations, parents’ groups, experts, the kids themselves think”. “And let’s also see what happens in other countries: in France, for example, a law is being proposed that goes in this direction”, he observed.

How do you want to explain it to today’s young people that what they see on the internet is not true?

The words of the minister are echoed by those of Rocco Siffredi, the former actor, director and international producer of adult cinema reveals that he wrote to Roccella and in no uncertain terms rails against the drift of digital pornography, today often available free online. “I don’t recognize myself at all in today’s porn: sex has become very extreme,” he says in a three-way interview with Italian and French newspapers.

The OnlyFans problem

“How do you want to explain to today’s young people that what they see on the internet is not true?” she says, “They don’t know that actors get shot and girls are anesthetized. Natural actors no longer exist, but the young people who watch do not know it. They will wonder why they don’t have the same performance and therefore get confused. We need sex education for young peopleto explain to them what reality is”.

Studios produce ever more extreme online scenes and digital platforms create and sell amateur pornographic content, without any rules. “The girls of the new generation. They are attracted by the lure of easy money that some platforms offer, such as MYM or OnlyFans” says Siffredi, “showing off without realizing what they are doing, which can cause damage. Girls must understand that their photos and videos enter the digital world, they are on the web for life. You can not go back”.

He doesn’t mince words and deems one necessary national or higher legislative change: “We must tighten the laws with respect to those who do not respect any rules. We also need to be very attentive to minors, because they can have easy access to the videos” he underlines “In the industry there are millions of rules, while on the Internet you click and nothing: no rules”.

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