Locarno, violent hailstorm: cars destroyed and injured. But there is still a risk of bad weather, even in Lombardy

Locarno (Switzerland) – Canton of Ticino scourged by bad weather: Friday night, violent thunderstorms they hit the area of ​​Locarno and Losone. There hail it fell so violent and plentiful that there have been several injured and have been registered numerous damages to cars, public transport and homes.

According to local press reports, a Locarno they fell hailstones the size of apricots. Gardens and houses have whitened, while numerous cars were damaged. Someone people have been affected and they had to resort to the health workers of Salva (Locarnese and valleys ambulance service). Visited on the spot by health personnel, transport to hospital was not necessary.

Damage to cars also in Losone, Ascone, Minusio and Tenero. Also, yes they are broken the skylights on the roof of the schools municipalities of Losone. Damage also also to windows and forecourts of some houses. In Brissago, some have also been reported power outages.

Hail in Losone

Despite last night’s violent storm of bad weather, there is a new storm risk for today, Saturday 26 August. But not only in Switzerland: rain and hail should come too in Lombardy. The Civil Protection Department has issued a severe weather warning that it expects from the afternoon, rainfall predominantly downpour or thunderstorm.

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Weather, thunderstorms, hail and sudden drops in temperatures are coming in Lombardy. Alert from 12

Weather, thunderstorms, hail and sudden drops in temperatures are coming in Lombardy. Alert from 12


Bad weather will continue on Sunday, throughout the North/West, as well as France and Switzerland. In the afternoon-evening it will also extend to the rest of Italy, albeit slowly and gradually, involving Sardinia, Tuscany and the North/East. According to forecasters, they are expected 250mm of rain daily: the inevitable consequence will be landslides, mudslides, floods and very serious damage also due to the strong winds that will accompany the storms.

Until Wednesday 30 September no improvements are expected: will continue to rain for 4-5 consecutive days, with the risk of serious floods due to the flooding of the main rivers. Bad weather is expected to last throughout the week. Summer at the end of the line?

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