BREAKING – Catania airport on fire: video of the fire

BREAKING – Catania airport on fire: video of the fire
BREAKING – Catania airport on fire: video of the fire

Moments of panic at Catania airport where a fire broke out. Watch the video.

Firefighters at work in Catania to put out a fire that broke out at the Vincenzo Bellini international airport.

The fire seems to have developed in the lower base of the airport.

The firefighters define the situation as “delicate and demanding” and are busy putting out the flames: it will take time to secure a complex structure such as that of an airport. The fire brigade and the Sac, the company that manages the airport, announce joint press releases as soon as they have certain news to share.

The first distress calls

The first distress call came to the Fire Department’s Operations Room at 11:29pm. Firefighters and fire trucks arrived at the scene immediately. The fire was contained and extinguished by the fire brigade teams, who also intervened from the headquarters of the provincial command of Catania. But the air terminal, which was abandoned by those present in a rush, is still filled with smoke.

The Sac, the management company of the Catania airport, communicates that, due to the fire that broke out in the terminal, flight operations are suspended until 8 am.


Watch the videos of the fire at Catania airport

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