IT-alert test in Sicily, today on phones the alarm message in case of emergency

IT-alert test in Sicily, today on phones the alarm message in case of emergency
IT-alert test in Sicily, today on phones the alarm message in case of emergency

At 12.00 today the IT-alert test will also arrive in Sicily. All smartphones connected to the network will receive the same test notification of the new national alarm system. The incipit of the message will be the same for everyone: “EMERGENCY NOTICES – This is a TEST MESSAGE of the Italian public alarm system”.

At 12.00 today, Wednesday 5 July, all telephones connected to the telephone networks in Sicily will begin dialing issue a warning signal. It’s a notification unlike any other, with a text message and a buzzer connected. Nothing to worry about: it’s just the test of IT-alert, the national public warning system developed by Civil protection. The same test has already been carried out in two regions, specifically in Tuscany and Sardinia. Before the end of 2023 it will be everyone’s turn: trials are planned in other regions in the coming weeks.

How IT-alert works

IT-alert is based on a defined technology cell broadcasting. In practice, the message is sent to all smartphones connected to a series of selected cell lines. In these tests, the cells that cover the territory of specific regions are defined but then, when the service is fully operational, the cells of the territories affected by the emergency. To receive the message, all you need is the smartphone turned on. Once the notification appears you have to interact with the written for be able to delete it.

For which emergencies IT-alert is used

On the official website of the alarm system there are all the events for which it will come into play IT-alert. It is mainly about hydrogeological events but there are also other kinds of emergencies. Here we leave you the complete list:

  • Tsunami generated by an earthquake
  • Collapse of a large dam
  • Volcanic activity, relating to the Vesuvius, Campi Flegrei, Vulcano and Stromboli volcanoes
  • Nuclear accidents or radiological emergency situation
  • Major accidents in establishments subject to legislative decree 26 June 2015, n. 105
  • Heavy rainfall

The questionnaire to fill out

At this moment the IT-Alert system is still in experimentation phase. For this reason, after the tests, the Civil Protection asks you to fill out a questionnaire to understand all the details on the user experience. The questionnaire is open to everyone, both to citizens who have received the notification and to those who have not received anything. In the questionnaire, users are also asked to specify model of smartphone and operatorso as to understand if there are any specific problems.

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