New organization of the chambers of commerce in Sicily, Schifani “Regulation not used applied” – BlogSicilia

New organization of the chambers of commerce in Sicily, Schifani “Regulation not used applied” – BlogSicilia
New organization of the chambers of commerce in Sicily, Schifani “Regulation not used applied” – BlogSicilia

“We have applied a law that previous governments had not used up to now. Which provides that the perimeter of the Chambers of commerce is a faculty of the regional government”. This was stated in Syracuse during an electoral meeting by the president of the Region, Renato Schifani, regarding the reorganization of the Sicilian chambers of commerce. “Until now – said Schifani – the regional governments had not had the courage to decide”. The merging of the Chambers of Commerce of Catania, Syracuse and Ragusa has created controversy especially in Syracuse on the part of the centre-left.

“We must not follow parochialism”

“Attention – Schifani says – we must not follow parochialism, I followed a criterion of homogeneity of the industrial area, of production areas and proceeded with aggregations. Now someone has to explain to me what the difference is between Catania and Syracuse only 60 kilometers away. What’s different in terms of production density? They are neighboring areas, it is clear that they live in the same industrial habitat and it is natural that they should go together”.

The green light for the reorganization of the Chambers of Commerce in Sicily

Yesterday the Schifani government gave the go-ahead for the organizational reorganization of the Sicilian Chambers of Commerce. In fact, the regional council has approved the system defined by the regional councilor for productive activities Edy Tamajo who maintains the Chambers of Palermo-Enna, Messina and the South-East (Catania, Ragusa and Syracuse) and confirms the envisaged establishment of the Chamber of Agrigento-Caltanissetta-Trapani. “With this provision – says the president of the Region Renato Schifani – we are putting order once and for all in the system of the Chambers of Commerce of Sicily”.

The decision

The decision of the Schifani government to proceed in this direction, also following the state reform of 2017, was previously shared by Unionacamere Sicilia and by most of the trade and trade union organizations, heard during the consultations that took place in recent days at the seat of the council. “The redetermination of the chamber system by the Region – says councilor Tamajo – was based on the principles of economy and efficiency, safeguarding structures which in the last five years have consolidated economic-financial and organizational positions headed by the Chambers of commerce”.

Furthermore, the Schifani government has undertaken to convene a technical table shortly at the Presidency of the Region to deal with the dispute concerning the pension system of Chamber staff.

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