Record unemployment in Sicily: Calderone-Conflavoro summit in Rome

Record unemployment in Sicily: Calderone-Conflavoro summit in Rome
Record unemployment in Sicily: Calderone-Conflavoro summit in Rome

Record unemployment in Sicily, Conflavoro summit with Labor Minister Calderone in Rome to ask for urgent interventions to support production activities.

Record unemployment rates and the difficulties of economic recovery have made a summit in Rome between the Minister of Labour, Marina Elvira Calderone, and entrepreneurs necessary.

Leading the Sicilian delegation, Giuseppe Pullara, regional secretary and national vice president of Conflavoro. There Sicilyin the latest istat 2022 data, is close to a worrying rate of 17% unemployment, record in the country together with Campania. With record peaks national absolutes provinces of Caltanissetta and Agrigentoblack jerseys, where the youth unemployment rate exceeds 58 percent. This is why Conflavoro has requested urgent interventions to support production activities.

“The crises we have experienced in these two years, first the pandemic one and then the current one due to the increase in energy costs, are deeply affecting local businesses. Added to this is the heavy tax burden on our entrepreneurs” – said Giuseppe Pullara in the meeting of the presidents of Conflavoro with the minister.

“The measures in support of the South promoted and renewed by the government with the 2023 Budget Law and those already envisaged by the Pnrr – Pullara underlined – demonstrate attention to the problem but are not sufficient from a perspective of relaunch and enhancement. We need to go back to investing in Sicily and throughout the south, to promoting tourism and our agriculture. We need incentives, tax breaks, work efficiency. Young people then – continues Pullara- must be adequately trained and encouraged. With Conflavoro PMI we have always reiterated this: there is no employment and economic growth without adequate training that knows how to meet the real needs of a territory and of the companies that populate it”. Pullara concluded: “To do this we need concrete and constant support from local and national institutions. Our association is committed every day to asserting the requests and proposals of the small and medium-sized enterprises it represents and we will continue in this direction to promote and relaunch Sicily and all of Southern Italy”.

The minister Cauldron it collected the requests of the entrepreneurs and assured the government’s commitment to the activation of measures to support employment and economic recovery.

In the cover photo Giuseppe Pullara, national vice president of Conflavoro, and the Minister of Labor Marina Elvira Calderone.

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