In the land of orchids, in Palena scholars from all over Italy – Abruzzo

In the land of orchids, in Palena scholars from all over Italy – Abruzzo
In the land of orchids, in Palena scholars from all over Italy – Abruzzo

(ANSA) – PALENA, 26 MAY – For years it has been a privileged destination for excursions by Italian and foreign orchid societies, 64 species and subspecies of orchids of the 93 present in Abruzzo have been reported in its territory. Palena (Chieti), about 1300 inhabitants, at an altitude of 767 meters in the Eastern Maiella, presents a floristic richness due to the low anthropic disturbance and the enormous environmental heterogeneity. The Maiella ophride (Ophrys passionis subsp.

majellensis) and to the country the French scholar Rémy Souche has dedicated the stabilized hybrid Ophrys xpalenae. And it is here that the eighth edition of “Palena… nel Paese delle orchidee” will be held on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May, an initiative by the Proloco and the Municipality, together with the Maiella National Park, in collaboration with the Italian Research Group on Spontaneous Orchids (Giros), Abruzzo section, and with the Istituto Comprensivo di Palena-Torricella Peligna. “We are lucky enough to live in this part of Italy which allows us to be amazed every day by the great beauty of nature, which is uncontaminated and which we will do everything to preserve for as long as possible and deliver intact to our grandchildren” declares the mayor Claudio D’Emilio.

“The Palena orchids are a virtuous example, to be exported, to enhance natural wealth by aiming for quality cultural tourism that respects the environment, in a period other than the few summer months in which the tourist flow is concentrated more” comments the director of the park Luciano Di Martino, biologist and botanist. The Municipality, Proloco and Park have worked to host researchers and enthusiasts of wild orchids from all over Italy in the village, which already has the Orange Flag.

The program includes excursions to sites of orchidological interest, seminars and workshops, a photographic exhibition, guided tours by the comprehensive institute, shows, attractions for children, food and artisan stands in the historic centre.

Park technicians will illustrate the research and conservation activities linked to the international Life Seedforce project, on the conservation of the seeds of all the rarest plant species of the national and European territory. (HANDLE).

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