F1 – Gp Monaco 2023/Fp1: live on board Ferrari SF-23

F1 – Gp Monaco 2023/Fp1: live on board Ferrari SF-23
F1 – Gp Monaco 2023/Fp1: live on board Ferrari SF-23

Weather update: 26.3°C the air temperature, 47.6°C that of the asphalt. Humidity at 36%, 0.8 Km/h the intensity of the wind blowing from the east quadrant. The standard bearers of the red approach the cars to get on board.

Everything’s ready. Drivers and technicians talk about the very latest details relating to the first session. Once the usual checks have been completed: power units, transmission, braking system and hybrid system. Particular attention is noted inside the Italian garage. The desire to take advantage of the scenario to obtain an excellent result emerges.

Ferrari SF-23: live Fp1

At an aerodynamic level, the focus is on maximum downforce, of course. The new rear wing should ensure a plus at the balancing levelaspect on which in Ferrari They worked hard to administer tire activation and degradation. Although tire consumption is not an important factor along the city route, the thermal management of temperatures qualifying for taking maximum advantage of compounds it will be.


The objective, in fact, is to maximize the development of the car and, through the collaboration of the drivers, to find a performance that is up to par. Several aero mechanical tests will take place today. Crucial the setup mechanical, on which we have produced a text relating to the third element of the red. Component of the single-seater which in Montecarlo significantly affects the management of ground clearance.

Ferrari will do everything to win the victory along the narrow streets of Principality. The Monegasque track lends itself particularly well to the characteristic of the red, on a theoretical level. The excellent chronometric reliefs observed in the previous ones round of the competitive campaign 2023in low-speed stretches of travel, raise the expectations of the technicians of Maranello. Grips mechanical and traction are the weapons that the Prancing Horse claims to take full advantage of.

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