Trento Tar suspends the killing of Jj4 and Mj5 bears – Trentino AA/S

Trento Tar suspends the killing of Jj4 and Mj5 bears – Trentino AA/S
Trento Tar suspends the killing of Jj4 and Mj5 bears – Trentino AA/S

The TAR of Trento has suspended the killing of Jj4 and Mj5 bears until 27 June. “The life of the bears is safe for now”, writes Lav, who has filed an appeal against the culling orders with other associations such as Enpa and Oipa. The possibilities of transferring them are concrete and real and Lav, we learn, will deposit the required in-depth analysis of the project to bring the animals to safety in a safe haven, fully bearing the costs. The hearing on the merits of the Tar will take place on December 14, and Lav believes that up to this date Jj4 and Mj5 cannot be killed.

According to the Tar of Trento, the danger of bear Jj4 nn has not been fully ascertained. “The culling measure follows the affirmation of the dangerousness of the animal, but this affirmation finds no explanation in the disputed decree, nor in the two opinions of Ispra” given that “in the case in question no serious investigations were carried out in this regard “, specify the administrative judges by suspending the killing of the Jj4 and Mj5 bears until 27 June.

The TAR of Trento asks to verify the dynamics of the attack by the bear Jj4 on Andrea Papi, the 26-year-old runner who died on 5 April last. “Although there is reason to believe that the attack on the young Andrea Papi depended on the presence of puppies following the she-bear (…) however, there is no trace of the investigations carried out by the Province in this regard, because it is not the requested documentation was produced in court (…) all the more necessary if we consider that even the consultant of the parties in his report, following the autopsy examination carried out on the young man’s corpse, highlighted the need for further checks “, they write the administrative judges.

We welcome the decision of the Trento Tar to temporarily suspend the culling of the bear JJ4″, add Enpa, Leidaa and Oipa, who jointly presented an appeal against the decrees of the president of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Maurizio Fugatti. “The culling measure and therefore the killing of the bear JJ4 has no foundation, since there are valid alternatives”, say the three associations. “We have drawn up some proposals, which we will develop further in the coming weeks, precisely to demonstrate that there is no need to shoot down JJ4. The bear will be able to go and live in a place very far from the Casteller and above all very different. There are some very encouraging precedents where the animals have been transferred and are well and live in situations compatible with their ethological needs”. Enpa, Leidaa and Oipa underline that an attempt was made, “with arrogance”, to impose an abatement measure that has no foundation because there are viable alternatives: “We have already partially demonstrated it and in the coming weeks we will prove it again more. It remains inexplicable and absurd that the Province of Trento yesterday insisted on the slaughter as if it were the only possible solution and that the Ministry of the Environment withdrew from the decision on the life of the bear, a State property”, they conclude.

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“If it weren’t for the bear, there would be no Abruzzo National Park or the park’s tourist attraction”: these are the words of the mayor of Alfedena (L’Aquila), Luigi Milano. (HANDLE)

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