F1, Ecclestone: “Hamilton in Ferrari? Maranello is not a retirement home”

Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari? In recent days, more than one enthusiast has been piqued by the hypothesis launched by Daily Mailaccording to which the British, seven times world champion, would be in talks with Maranello to form a potential dream team with Charles Leclerc. A good 40 million the annual salary, according to the British newspaper. The news was denied by Hamilton himself, related to Mercedes until the end of 2023. Not even the former owner of F1, Bernie Ecclestonebelieves in a hypothetical passage of Lewis in the Italian team and has made it clear in a very frank way.


Ecclestone gave his opinion to the agency PA: “I don’t understand why Lewis should think he’s better off at Ferrari than at Mercedes. Ferrari is not a retirement home, on the contrary, it’s a team that wants to win the championship more than anyone else”. Ecclestone’s analysis becomes even more detailed: “I would be surprised to know that Ferrari intends to get rid of Leclerc to sign Lewis, primarily because they are in love with Charles. Hamilton also said that, when he retires, he will remain linked to Mercedes. It would be strange if he wants to leave now. And then, if I were Lewis and I saw Leclerc happy to leave Ferrari, I would think that team has a problem.”


So what future for Hamilton? Ecclestone seems to have clear ideas: “Personally I think he will stay with Mercedes or retire. I can understand Lewis’ frustration with the situation at Mercedes. I don’t understand how they found themselves in these conditions. In any case, Hamilton’s contract is very expensive and this is a big problem”. There would be an alternative: “The only place he could go to win his eighth world championship is Red Bull, but there’s definitely no room for him there.” The reference to that is clear Max Verstappen capable of putting an end to Hamilton’s dominance and that Lewis himself wants to beat again.

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