doubts about the captain’s age and about Yum Yum FC

doubts about the captain’s age and about Yum Yum FC
doubts about the captain’s age and about Yum Yum FC

BUENOS AIRES (Argentina) – After the brilliant success on their debut against Brazil in the U20 World Cup underway in Argentina, Nunziata’s Azzurrini fell on the second day of group D of the competition against Nigeria. The African youth national team, however, thanks to the victory against Italy and the inevitable attention attracted by the talent scouts of numerous European clubs, is ended up at the center of what could be a real scandal which would involve team captain, Daniel Bameyi.

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“Yum Yum FC doesn’t exist: how old is Bameyi?”

17 years old, right-back and if necessary central defender, one of the best on the pitch against Italy: many observers noted his name on a notebook, to then ask for information from the club that owns the card, Yum Yum Fc. All normal, except, however, that in Nigeria no one knows this club, nor is it registered in the official documents of the Football Federation of the country (NFF), nor does it appear on specialized sites, nor is it possible to trace the coat of arms or the registered players on the payroll. What is even more curious is the fact that, on the Internet, Yum Yum Fc appears only and exclusively if connected to Bameyi. At home, meanwhile, the local press does not seem surprised: already on the eve of the event, in fact, Own Goal Nigeria had tried to figure out where the team captain really played… without however solving the mystery. Indeed, the research results speak for themselves: no Nigerian footballer, past and present, has ever worn that shirt. Furthermore, the existence of the club’s headquarters, which should be in Abuja, is not confirmed by any of the actors involved in the affair. The newspaper, however, goes further and also raises doubts about the real age of the player: what aroused suspicion was his rapid rise. As a complete stranger, in fact, he quickly overtook much more experienced colleagues in the hierarchy, becoming captain of the U20 and making his debut first with the U23 and then with the senior national team.

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