how many years must Chiara Poggi serve for the murder

how many years must Chiara Poggi serve for the murder
how many years must Chiara Poggi serve for the murder

Alberto Stasi leaves Bollate prison every day to work. The 39-year-old, convicted in 2015 of themurder of Chiara Poggi, leaves his cell every day to go to work. The news is reported by the ‘Corriere della Sera’ which reveals how the Stasi deals with accounting and administrative duties. Currently, Alberto Stasi served 7 years of the sentence to which he was sentenced for the murder of his fiancée Clare Poggiwho died in August 2007.

The work of Alberto Stasi outside prison

According to what was reported by the newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’, for four months about Alberto Stasi released from prison every day to go to work.

The 39-year-old would deal with accounting and administrative duties in compliance with precise times regarding its exit from Bollate prison and upon his return to his cell.

Alberto Stasi leaving the Court of Cassation, after a hearing for the murder of Chiara Poggi

The Surveillance court which recognized the Stasi’s possibility of work outside the prisonmoreover, has formulated strict prescriptions on means of transportation usable and also on the itineraries that the 39-year-old has to travel.

Because Stasi can work outside prison

Initially, the request to be admitted to the benefit of outside work she was rejected in prison.

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A detained person can access the benefit of an external job in case he already has served at least one third of the sentence expected and if its conducted within the prison is evaluated positively.

Only later, however, the Surveillance Court accepted the request of the 39-year-old explaining that the job could foster a deeper psychological excavation.

Albert StasiIndeed, he continues to claim his own innocence about themurder of Chiara Poggiwhich took place on August 13, 2007 a Garlascoin the province of Pavia.

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The years still to be served for the murder of his girlfriend

After the acquittals in the first two levels of judgement, in 2009 and 2011, in 2015 Alberto Stati was convicted definitively by the Court of Cassation a 16 years in prison.

Currently, for the murder of his girlfriend Clare Poggithe 39-year-old has served seven years in prison in the institute of boiled. Without considering the deductions of the sentence for good behavior, therefore, Stasi should leave prison in 2030.

Finally, the ‘Corriere della Sera’ specifies that Alberto Stasi must compensate the victim’s family with 700,000 euros. Half would have already been paid, while the remainder would be deducted from his salary each month.

Photo source: ANSA

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