she had been dead for 5 years, the son was taking his pension

she had been dead for 5 years, the son was taking his pension
she had been dead for 5 years, the son was taking his pension

In an apartment of Veronain the late afternoon of Thursday 25 May, the local police and the fire brigade found the dead body in an advanced state of decomposition of an old woman.

The discovery

The body, as reported by the local newspapers and reported by the ‘ANSA’ news agency, was discovered in an apartment on the top floor of a building in the district of Borgo Milanoin the Scaliger capital.

The body of the woman, over eighty years old, was discovered by now mummified by the commander’s agents Louis Altamura.

The old woman’s body was found in the apartment where she lived, in the Borgo Milano area in Verona.

Looking for the son

The prosecutor on duty has been informed of the case, while the investigations are underway by the coroners who entered the apartment where the body was found to understand the causes of the death of the elderly woman, which could date back to at least 5 years.

According to reports, the 60-year-old son, who is untraceable, continued to collect his mother’s pension in recent years.

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More details

The ‘Corriere del Veneto’, which clarifies that the news of the discovery of the body was launched first by ‘tgverona’, adds further details on the story: the woman’s son, residing with her in the same apartment, would have disappeared into thin air but the investigators of the local police, acting coordinated by the prosecutor of Verona, would be on his trail and already in the next few hours they expect to be able to close the circle.

The current state all hypotheses are open: it will take time to establish the causes of the death of the elderly woman, who could also have died for natural causes. It will also be necessary to understand how it is possible that no one noticed the disappearance of the woman, who appeared to regularly collect her pension.

The remains of the old woman were found on the bed. Everything would have started from an activity of the neighborhood police, who have opened an investigation file in recent days, starting the first checks. On Thursday, the brigade directed by commander Luigi Altamura rang the bell of the apartment, but received no answer. So the firefighters were called, who forced entry by making their way inside the house. Then the macabre discovery.

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