Young people who don’t work and don’t do business: Sardinia in the black shirt

Italy has the worst data in the EU as regards the number of inactive young people (which are 1.6 million and with an increasing rate). And, nationally, Sardinia is in the black jersey together with Molise, Calabria, Sicily and Basilicata.

This is the alarm raised by Rome, during the annual convention of Young Entrepreneurs of Confartigianato.

The opportunity to present a report with the Index of youth-friendly territoriesor the areas where it is easier for the new generations do business or find a job.

The island, underlines Confartigianato, is not among these, together with other regions of the South.

Instead, highlight the report, “Lombardy is the region that offers young people the best conditions for working and doing business. Not far behind are Piedmont, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Trentino Alto Adige”.

The Confartigianato Index – it is explained – “measures the condition of the habitat on the basis of 13 indicators which include, among other things, the under-35 employment rate, the presence of young entrepreneurs, school-business collaboration, the diffusion apprenticeship, the migratory balance of young people abroad or other regions”.

But, as mentioned, Italy “is not a country for young people”. Especially if you compare the national situation with those of other European nations.

According to the report, in fact, in 2022 we were the country with the highest number of young people between 25 and 34 who do not offer themselves on the job market: a good 1,568,000.

OTHER COUNTRIES – “By absolute value of inactive young people we are therefore in first place in the EU, with an inactivity rate of 25.4%, compared to the European average of 15%. Germany registers 13.9%, Spain 13, 7% and France 12.7%”. And the phenomenon “has worsened given that the inactivity rate of young Italians has increased by 3.4 points compared to the 21.9% recorded in 2004”.

THE DATA – Among the under 35s who are not looking for work, women prevail, equal to 1,033,000 (65.9% of the total), compared to 535,000 men. 55.6% of inactive young people are concentrated in the South, where the rate rises to 37.7%, more than double the 16.8% in the Centre-North.

Among the inactive under 39, there are 468,100 with a university degree. Of these, two-thirds are women.

THE EMERGENCY – «Young people are the future of Made in Italy. 1.6 million under 35s outside the labor market – underlines Davide Peli, President of the Young Entrepreneurs of Confartigianato – are an absurd ‘waste’, a real emergency to be tackled quickly. May the European Year of Skills be an opportunity for real change, leveraging training, a new and intense relationship between schools and businesses to transmit know-how, measures to support business creation and the generational transition in the company ».


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