falls from scaffolding, 62-year-old worker dies

falls from scaffolding, 62-year-old worker dies
falls from scaffolding, 62-year-old worker dies

A 62-year-old died at Makes in an accident at work: the man would have fallen from scaffolding while he was inside a company in the industrial area. The carabinieri of Rende and the Compagnia di Cosenza arrived on the spot. Investigations are underway to reconstruct the dynamics of the terrible accident.

Fillea: “urgent measures are needed”

“We continue to die non-stop in the workplace. It is now a real massacre. Like Fillea we have been fighting for years to put safety in the workplace at the center of the government’s agenda. We ask for more checks, more inspectors and compliance with current safety regulations. Like Fillea, we are once again asking for urgent measures, including the exclusion from public procurement of companies that do not comply with safety standards and that do not apply the national contracts signed by the most representative trade unions. We express all our condolences and our closeness to the family of the worker who died today due to the injuries sustained after falling from scaffolding while he was engaged in some painting work”. This is what the general secretary of Fillea Calabria declared, Simon Famousthanks to the umpteenth accident at work that occurred today in a company in Rende.

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